1 in 10 Brits fired or disciplined as a result of Christmas party antics

1 in 10 Brits fired or disciplined as a result of Christmas party antics

For some it’s a civilised sit-down affair, for others it’s a night of booze filled debauchery, but one things for sure, a Christmas party is the best way to blow off some steam after a year of hard work. But for some, things may go a little too far.

A new survey by hangover supplement After Drink has revealed that 1 in 10 Brits get fired or disciplined as a result of their Christmas party antics.

The study of 2,194 UK employees also revealed that 89% of people have been drunk at a work party, 65% said they had drunk ‘too much’ and, in every employees worst nightmare, almost half (45%) of respondents said they had done something embarrassing or made a fool of themselves in front of their boss.

The reasons as to why the unlucky 9% were fired or disciplined include:

  • Saying something inappropriate about or to a boss or colleague (23%)
  • Getting into a fight (21%)
  • Doing drugs (16%)
  • ‘Inappropriate behaviour’ with a colleague (14%)
  • Nudity or lewd comments (11%)
  • Being sick on your boss (4%)

Rob Shaw, Managing Director at Glu Recruit said: “Christmas parties are a great opportunity to unwind and socialise with colleagues at the end of the year, but many employees evidently take this a little too far!

“It’s important to remember that you will have to go back and see everyone again in January; have fun with your colleagues and let your hair down but don’t rock the boat too much. If in doubt, remain professional, and avoid tequila shots like the plague!”

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