5 questions you should ask the interviewer

Questions to ask the interviewerYou’ve secured an interview and the nerves start to kick in. Many candidates start to think about what questions they may get asked, and how they can best answer them to demonstrate their fit for the role and the company in the hope of securing the job.

But, have you thought about what questions to ask the interviewer? Not asking any may infer a lack of interest, or preparation.

Asking the wrong ones could kill the interview and so preparing the right questions for the interviewer is key and what can distinguish one candidate from another.

Of course, there are a variety of questions you can ask in your interview. It’s important to think them through and make sure you are comfortable asking the questions you have chosen otherwise your successful interview could quickly turn to an awkward one.

Ending your interview as confident as you were in the beginning is essential to a successful interview.

5 questions to ask the interviewer:

  1. How would you describe the culture of the company and the workplace?
  2. What training and induction will be provided?
  3. Are there opportunities for progression within the business?
  4. Is there a process that will be used to evaluate my performance? How often will I be reviewed with my manager?
  5. How many candidates have you met during the interview process and how have I performed in comparison?

These questions show that you are interested in the opportunity and not just the job. They demonstrate you’re considering the long game and being a part of the company’s future growth.

The last question is one that can be daunting to ask, but if the interviewer can provide you with any feedback there and then you have the opportunity to address any concerns that they might have and get to know where you stand in the process.

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