5 things to consider when presented with a counter offer

counter offer

It’s a familiar story that employers make a counter offer at the time of their employee handing in their notice. In some instances, accepting a counter offer may be a good move. But before you say yes, consider these reasons why you should decline:

1 – You had to hand in your notice to get a payrise
It’s a shame that it can get to this point for an employer to pay you what you should have been paid in the first place. Of course, it’s a nice gesture and an ego boost that they want you to stay but is it too late?

2 – What was your true reason for making the decision to leave?
What was the true reason you wanted to leave? More often than not there are factors such as relationship with the employer, commute to work and no progression opportunity. If those things will still be the same, is it the sensible decision to stay?

3 – If you stay, will it be the same?
Consider how things may change at work now that your boss knows you’ve been looking at other opportunities. Sometimes a mis-trust or a question of loyalty can surface. Hopefully it may just kick them into shape.

4 – Will you still be motivated?
Often it’s taken a lot to get to the point of writing your CV, sending applications, registering with agencies and preparing for interviews. It’s worth thinking about whether you already moved on mentally, and if you stay will you be as motivated compared to a new opportunity. Is the change really what you need?

5 – You’re going to leave anyway!
Stats show that those who accept a counter offer leave within the following 6 months and at that point the job that you were at interview for will be filled with someone else.

There are different ways to deal with job satisfaction, a good start is to speak with your employer about what it is that’s making you unhappy. More responsibility? Better pay? Too much workload? By speaking with your boss you are being open and attempting to resolve the situation with them before it gets too late. If they don’t budge then you know it’s time to start looking for a new job, and we know a good agency that can help you with that.

Remember, find a job that you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

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