Time for a change? How to stand out when switching careers

Life is too short to be bored and miserable. Maybe you need to find a new job due to redundancy, or you’ve decided it’s time for a change – now is a good period to spend time reworking your CV and cover letter for your dream career.

First of all, remember that, sometimes, hiring managers can skim a CV and maybe not see how your previous experience suits the role they’re recruiting for. This is where your cover letter comes in! Whilst applying for jobs you have experience in usually might require a CV only, a cover letter is a potential secret weapon for landing a career change and to prove you could be an asset to the team.

Firstly, highlight your transferable skills; these can be ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ skills

Soft skills include things like teamwork, communication, critical thinking, leadership etc. All of these skills, which you have learned and refined throughout your career, can be beneficial to many different roles. These skills are versatile in jobs and organisations.

Hard skills are the more technical skills you’ve honed and gained throughout your career. Again, many of these can transfer across sectors and careers. These can include software knowledge, project management, technical writing, touch typing, budget management and more.

Use your cover letter to explain how these skills would transfer into the role that is being recruited for. Look through what skills the advert asks for and show how you have learned them.

Secondly, explain your new direction

What’s vitally important here, trust us, is not to use negative experiences to explain why you wish to change your career. Explain why you’re looking to move into a new direction, positively. Prove that you understand the industry, company and current climate.

Did a series of events happen that made you decide on a new career? Highlight your excitement for change and your dedication to a new profession. If you’ve done some reading that has helped you to identify why this change is right for you, explain and reference it; the same for any training you have undertaken. Also mention if you’ve done any volunteering or shadowing that may have helped you come to the decision.

Thirdly, don’t seem tentative

Selecting an employee who is willing to leave behind their previous career may be a difficult choice for a recruitment manager. Show that you are not doing this on a whim, and make sure you prove that switching to this career is the right thing for you to do.

Finally, get your CV updated

Read the job advertisement thoroughly. Highlight what skills, experience and knowledge you have that fits the bill. For each role you’ve had, think of skills and requirements that match what you’re applying for and make sure you mention them. Highlight your best achievements.

It might seem scary…

Whilst this may all seem a little daunting – never fear! Remember, we read CVs and cover letters all day. We know what makes them stand out and what makes them head straight to the recycling bin. We also know our candidates and employers personally; we won’t just fire off your CV and hope for a response.

We take the time to listen to you, understand your goals and why you want to apply for the role. By listening to you, we can tell the hiring manager why we think you’d be a good fit, too.

Contact us today on 0114 321 1873 or eyup@glurecruit.co.uk and let’s see how we can get you into your dream role!

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