Dress codes for interview by industry

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It’s common for us to be asked what interview attire to wear when meeting with our clients and the answer is always ‘it depends’. There are many factors to consider such as the role you’re applying for, the level of job and the industry.

First impressions count and before you even say a word you make an immediate impression by how you’ve dressed. There’s no getting around it, in every job interview you’re going to be judged, at least partially by your attire.

Our top tips on dress codes for interview by industry:

Professional services – Legal, Finance, Accountancy, HR & Public Sector

These interviews tend to be more corporate and so you should dress for the occasion. As a general rule be conservative, professional and authoritative.

Creative industries – Marketing, Technology, Design

Here you can demonstrate your creativity in your attire. These interviews tend to be more relaxed and laid back and your clothing can reflect that. We’re not saying go all Lada Gaga on us but bold prints, colours, piercings and trendy accessories are widely accepted as the norm.

Sales industries

Typically, a suit or similar is the norm for a sales interview for a sales interview. The industry/product/service you’re going to be representing will give you a gauge of how bold you can be.


Image tends to be a large part of a role in the hospitality sector and so how you dress is important. You’re representing the company and may be the first person seen by a customer. A suit or similar is appropriate – dress to impress!


Business casual is generally the rule of thumb here. A suit is perhaps overkill and so something more shirt and trousers for men, and for women a blouse with trousers.

Dress to make a good first impression, but consider the industry

Try to keep ‘loud’ or heavily printed fabrics and accessories to a minimum. An interview isn’t always the best place to make a fashion statement. That being said in the creative industries you can be more adventurous. Also, consider colours – some consider black too formal and shades of blue and grey are well received.

Dress in an attire that’s most appropriate to the position you’re applying for in the industry in which you’re interviewing is the general rule of thumb. How you present yourself non verbally is a factor in some employers hiring decisions and so getting it right is crucial. This includes your own personal grooming.

Of course, it’s not the be all and end all and what you wear doesn’t demonstrate your experience or ability to perform the duties of the role and employers should take a rounded view of overall suitability. But remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

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