Finding a new job in December

Finding a new job in December

The festive season is upon us, and while many are busy decking the halls and enjoying festive treats, many of you will be looking to secure a new role in time for the new year.

December is a great time to look for a new role, as companies are often gearing up for the new year – making it an opportune time to explore new career prospects!

1. Deck the halls with a polished CV

Before you embark on your job-hunting journey, you need to make sure your CV is in top-notch shape.
Update your professional experiences, highlight those key achievements and always tailor your CV for the role you’re targeting.

2. Networking in a winter wonderland

We know that was cheesy – but it’s fitting with the Christmas theme…
December is the prime time for industry social events and while networking might may be daunting to you, December networking is a little easier.

Everything is more light hearted in December, including these type of events. Plus – what better conversation starter than what people are doing over Christmas?

Fill your calendar with these type of events, meet likeminded people and grow your professional network.

3. Fa-La-La LinkedIn

As recruiters, we’re biased when it comes to LinkedIn. We truly believe it’s your secret weapon when it comes to looking for a new role.

Hiring managers, recruiters and business professionals will always head to LinkedIn to check out a candidates’ profile.
If you’re looking for a new role, and don’t have LinkedIn, set one up. If you do have one, make sure it’s up to date with your latest accomplishments, skills and aspirations.

Connect with professionals in the industry, join groups and don’t be scared to start conversations.

5. Santa’s little helpers

Some bad apples in the world of recruitment give us a bad name, but a good recruiter is instrumental to your job search.
Recruitment consultants are somewhat experts when it comes to job searching. We know exactly what a company is looking for and also take the time to get to know exactly what a candidate is looking for.

With this expert knowledge, we can tailor our recruitment process and put you forward for roles we know you’d have a great shot at securing.

Starting your job search in December doesn’t necessarily mean you’d be starting a new role in December. It’s just a good opportunity to get a head start on the new year, beat the mad January rush, and start 2024 off in the right way.

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