How do you know it’s time to look for a new job?

Making the decision to move on from your current job is a big one, and you hopefully won’t have to do it many times in your life and so making sure the timings right is important.

If you’re starting to feel any of these things, then we reckon it’s worth a good think about whether you’re ready to see what’s out there:

1 – Monday mornings fill you with dread

I don’t think that anyone can claim they love Mondays, but there’s a difference between wasting half of your Sunday dreading the next day, considering a ‘sickie’ and praying for that all important lottery win to get you out of having to work in your current job.

2 – You’re not reaching your potential and there’s no way you can progress

Maybe you’ve been doing the job for a while, and can do it with your eyes closed but there’s no one enhancing your skill-set and developing you. Do you really have to wait for someone to leave or worse to progress?

3 – You’re never told ‘thanks’

For some a pat on the back for a job well done means more than whatever money is thrown at you. Praise is often overlooked and the benefits of an employer that does praise increases staff motivation and retention so why isn’t it done more often? By the way, you’re great J

4 – You feel like a number

Has the thought crossed your mind that ‘I could be anyone doing this job’. ‘If I left tomorrow I’m not even sure they would notice and they’d just replace me anyway?’. If you’re not made to feel valued at work then you won’t be performing at your best which is no good for anyone. A great employer would make you feel valued and included in the journey.

5 – Your boss isn’t the right one for you

Ouch! This is a tricky one, but you just know when you know and often this just can’t be fixed. It’s an idea to have a conversation and address the issues you’re having but if it’s deep rooted and ultimately who you both are then perhaps it’s just a mis-match.

It may be that having read this, you now know why you feel like you do and you can try to fix it.

If not, and you’d like some confidential market advice about what’s out there, salary levels, employer expectations or just to run something past us give us a call. We’re here to help you make that all important next step in your career and be at your side at every step during the process.

And trust us, there are jobs and employers out there that will be the antidote to you feeling this way. Working with us will give you the benefit of knowing much more about the organisation than just applying directly to an ad meaning that the next move you make will be the right one.

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