Interview No No’s


For some, job interviews can be a daunting experience. Maybe you haven’t had one in a number of years. Maybe it’s your first or, maybe you really want the job. Here are our 5 interview no no top tips to consider to avoid sabotaging your chance at interview:

1 – Being late

The best candidates will have checked out where the company is, worked out the route to avoid traffic and done a dummy run. Being late for an interview sets you off on the back foot and it can be hard for both parties to recover from. Obviously, there can be times where you’ve done all this and allowed plenty of time and it’s out of your control. In that situation, call your recruiter or interviewer with plenty of notice.

2 – Lack of research and preparation

‘Tell me what you know about us’ or ‘Why do you want to work for us’ are often questions asked, and if you can’t answer them then it looks like you want a job and not that job at that company. Check out the company’s website, recent news, who are their clients etc. and you won’t go far wrong

3 – Bad mouthing your old boss/employer

If you’ve had a bad experience in the past, try to find the positives. You don’t want the interviewer thinking that you struggle to make positive relationships in the workplace. It’s fine to explain why it wasn’t for you, but not in a way where you’re speaking of a past employer in a negative light.

4 – Closed ended questions

Yes/No. They don’t give the interviewer anything and when it comes to summarising your experience, skills and fit for the role, the employer will struggle to convince themselves that you’re a match. Best to be open & give examples to back up your answer.

5 – Forgetting to turn your phone off

It’s so obvious, but so easily done! It interrupts the interview, will make you panic, you may blush and you’re on the back foot again! It can also make you look unorganised which may be a key requirement for the job.

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