The right time to recruit and search for a new job?

It’s the time of year when we’re all busy with Christmas parties, Christmas shopping and planning for the big day! For some businesses December is a quieter month which gives you the opportunity to really focus on recruiting for your vacancies, or if you’re a job seeker spending time perfecting your CV and hunting for suitable opportunities online.
We often hear ‘I’ll start the process in January when the festivities are out of the way’ but we’re here to pioneer starting early and using December as a catalyst to have things lined up in the New Year!

It’s still busy, busy here at Glu and we’re receiving vacancies from our clients to start working on immediately to get ahead of the game. It’s true that in January the market can pick up. Especially for some who are waiting for their payday or to receive a bonus, but there are candidates who don’t want to get lost in the pack and have got themselves job ready early.

As an employer, December is the perfect time to:

  • Create the perfect job/person spec
  • Decide on a recruitment agent to partner with and arrange a meeting for them to really get to grips with your business culturally and understand the person and skills required
  • Plan interview dates and times in your calendar
  • Post the vacancy online using the local and national job boards to encourage applicants throughout December and to market that you are recruiting
  • Speak to and engage with your team about your requirement. Agree who will be involved in the process and what that process looks like? Planning ahead will make the process run more smoothly and efficiently, increasing your opportunity of securing the best candidate

Job hunting in December can be a great time if employers are posting those vacancies rather than waiting until the New Year. That aside, if you have some extra time in December it’s the perfect time to:

  • Update your CV
  • Create profiles and upload your CV to the online job boards
  • Plan for the type of roles, industries and locations you’re willing to consider
  • Search for recruitment agents you’d like to partner with
  • Send off applications tailored to the roles you’re applying for

For advice and support in your next piece of recruitment, or your job search call one of our specialist team of recruiters on 0114 3211873 or email your CV to for an initial, confidential and exploratory conversation.

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