10 characteristics of a great place to work


Speaking every day with job seekers, one of the questions that I always ask is why they want to leave their current role or employer. Their motivation to move. It’s important for me to understand that in terms of learning what works for them, what doesn’t and what they want to move on to so that I can place them in the best role and company for them.

It can be frustrating as an employer to lose some of your employees, particularly the best performing ones, and the ones who have worked with you for a while who can be your most efficient and productive workers. That coupled with the cost of replacing can be a headache that you don’t need. So, how can you ensure that your business is a great place to work? Here are some characteristics of some of the great places to work that I’ve come across during my time in recruitment, and these make for great retention and happiness at work:

1 – A clear vision, mission and values

2 – Investment in induction, training and ongoing coaching to develop your talent

3 – Honest leadership

4 – Performance reviews measured against set objectives

5 – Provide a clear path for growth within the business, show them what they can achieve

6 – A culture of collaboration

7 – A fun atmosphere – have banter! Work hard/play hard

8 – Open communication

9 – Flexibility

10 – Understanding your employee’s motivations and what makes ‘them’ outside of work

Do you do all of these things? And if so, do you do all of these things well? That’s the key.

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