5 reasons to hire Generation Z employees

Gen Z
If you’re in the process of hiring at your company, you may have noticed a fresh new group of candidates applying for various roles.

They’re who we call Generation Z – or Gen Z if you will. For those of you not familiar with Gen Z, they will range from around 16 to 26 years old and bring skills with them, that you may not have seen before.

There’s a bit of a stigma around hiring Gen Z employees currently, with many claiming that they can be entitled, lazy and have an unhealthy obsession with wanting to work from home.

We’re here to tell you why hiring Gen Z employees will be beneficial to your business – we’re giving you 5 reasons actually.

1) Tech savvy
Being tech savvy means something completely different to what it did 10 years ago. Things like Excel, Office and Adobe Suite are still such an important part of working, but Gen Z bring this and then some.

Nobody knows what’s going on in the world of technology, more than these individuals. From Twitter and Facebook to Instagram Reels and TikTok Trends, they spend the most time on the platforms and you wouldn’t believe how transferrable these skills are.

2) It’s more than just money
Money and salary expectations aren’t something that just Gen Z think about, this is a universal concern. Whenever anyone applies for a job, they will no doubt question salary, progression and will in many cases, negotiate the salary too.

What we’ve found as a recruitment agency is that Gen Z employees are much more focused on how they can progress in their career, through training, upskilling and promotions.

After taking the time to listen to why candidates are moving roles, it’s very clear that being denied the opportunity to grow is the leading factor.

3) Awake, alert and ready to work
The above point leads us nicely onto this one. Having this strong focus on progression means that Gen Z candidates are much more eager to work to get there.

As long as they are presented with opportunities for growth, they’re guaranteed to stick, stay loyal and put the work in.

4) Independence is key
From what we’ve seen, Gen Z employees are the most likely to have come from university or an apprenticeship, making them much more independent.

This is hugely beneficial to your business as it reduces the need for them to be managed beyond the normal managerial duties. Problem solving comes like second nature, and if they don’t know the answer, the internet sure will do.

5) Time is of the essence
You might look at Gen Z and see them as a generation glued to their smartphones. While this may be true, the link you may not have made is that this has made them much less tolerable to time wasting.

Everything they could want or need, is on their mobile phone. Whether they need a quick answer to a question, want to check transport times, make dinner reservations or complete work, their mobiles do it all.

Waiting around is not something they want, and what a great thing for your business. When you hire a Gen Z employee, while it might be something you’ve not seen before, you’ll see a much more efficient way of working.

Generalising is wrong

It’s so easy to fall into what everyone is saying about Gen Z employees but the important take away from this is to not generalise.

Yes, some Gen Z candidates may have unrealistic expectations of what they want from their employer, but is that a Gen Z thing, or an everyone thing?

Take the time to really get to know why they’re leaving their current role, what they want from their new role and listen to their ideas – you could be really surprised.

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