Is your workforce disengaged? 5 signs of a disengaged employee

Disengaged employees don’t support a great workplace culture and they can be tricky to spot.

But what does employee engagement mean? Well, it’s about building a connection between your employees and the business. An emotional connection where they feel considered, rewarded and valued as well as caring genuinely about the success of the business. Done right, this will drive performance and output and increase customer satisfaction and profitability.

So, how can you spot a disengaged worker? Check out these 5 warning signs:

1 – They’re negative

Negative people often complain. Some see them as ‘moany’ and that they ‘just don’t care’. Everything feels like hard work for them and for you and it tells. It creates a negative atmosphere that isn’t productive. It creates gossip and mis-trust.

2 – They’re regularly late/off

Engaged employees are buzzing to get to work, they arrive early to be ready for the job ahead. If they are feeling off they will still drag themselves into work and would rather be sent home than call in sick. With disengaged workers you will get the opposite. This has a real effect on team morale as you’re left feeling that you have to pick up the pieces.

3 – They show no initiative

‘That’s not my job’. Don’t you love that? It’s so unhelpful and doesn’t boast engaged employee! People with a lack of initiative often see it as a job rather than a career, they don’t offer help to others and are easily distracted.

4 – They make excuses

To avoid taking responsibility for their actions a disengaged employee will find every excuse to ‘pass the book’. They see no fault in this as they probably don’t care and would prefer it to be someone elses problem.

5 – They’re unsociable

Disengaged workers choose working alone rather than collaboratively in a team. It’s difficult to love your job and see yourself there long term if you don’t get on and socialise with co-workers and any employee who isn’t doing that, or attending out of work socials is displaying a lack of engagement.

Disengaged employees can be dangerous and limiting in terms of company culture, success and perception from their colleagues and customers. Studies show that engaged employees will go above and beyond, are more loyal, create a positive atmosphere and representation of your business and want to progress and stay. Why would they want to leave?!

On the surface, disengaged employees can seem difficult to handle, but there could be an easy fix. Some of these issues can be an underlying issue that needs discussing and resolving. Take them for a coffee and have an open conversation where you can understand how each other feels and put plans in place to rectify that and get them back on the happy boat as soon as possible. Turning disengaged employees into motivated ones isn’t as hard as you think and you have the power to do that!

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