Why should you hire a graduate?

Looking to grow your team? A large number of graduates are looking for work after university and could benefit your organisation. If you’re a small start-up or a large organisation, graduates can bring a lot of potential to a role.

We understand that people are often a little apprehensive about hiring somebody straight out of higher education, but graduates can be a real asset to many businesses.

Fresh views

Firstly, graduates bring a fresh pair of eyes to a business. They’re new into the world of full-time work and see things from a different perspective. They know their place in the world and will enthusiastically work to achieve that. Hiring employees of different generations will bring a variety of outlooks, ideas and ways of thinking to the workplace.

Transferable skills

Many of the skills that graduates learn at university are transferable to businesses. During a degree, students often create and give presentations, write coherent essays, collaborate on group projects and prioritise their workload in order to meet deadlines.

Committed to hard work and ambitious

They’re hungry, eager to learn and impress, and enthusiastic to embark on a career that they’ve studied hard for. Choosing a degree subject and working hard to achieve a degree for three or four years is no walk in the park. A graduate shows they can commit to hard work and pressure in order to achieve. That level of commitment is beneficial to a business, especially one that is wanting to thrive and grow. Graduates bring that eager energy to grow.

Likewise, our graduates are ambitious; they understand that they need to work hard to achieve their goals. Many will have spent most of their time outside lecture halls revising and studying late into the evening. Graduates in 2020 have seen recessions and difficult times and understand that they need to work even harder to achieve their dreams. This gives you a moldable candidate to work with and develop into a key member of your team.


Another benefit of hiring a graduate is that today’s graduates have grown up with technology as part of their everyday life. The internet has been “normal” in the average household since the late 1990’s, exactly when current graduates were born and they most likely don’t remember a time before the internet. They understand the latest technological trends and how to use technology effectively, even if they don’t realise how much of an expert they are!

Whilst studying at University, graduates will have had to use a range of technologies to research, submit work, study and engage with lectures. These things become second nature to them, like riding a bike. Whilst we may struggle to find a file or a website, a graduate is used to searching, scrolling and adapting to different technologies.

Value for money

Finally, graduates often expect to start on a lower salary than a seasoned professional, in return for professional development, of course! We don’t expect you to pay a low wage for undesirable hours, but we do expect that graduates are wanting real-world on-the-job experience as a benefit, not just a salary, whereas a more experienced professional may command a higher annual salary.

Finding the best fit

We take the same approach to our graduate recruitment division as we do to all sides of our business – we make it personal. We get to know our candidates and your organisations to ensure we find the best fit for both parties. We will work with graduates to discover a workplace and role that they can make their mark on and learn along the way in order to become an important part of your team.

If you would like to see how recruiting a graduate could work for your business, drop us a line on 0114 321 1873 or hello@glurecruit.co.uk

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