What do your employees really want this Christmas?

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‘In a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) survey of more than 1,000 managers and team leaders, 71% said they had seen evidence of the (cost-of-living) crisis increasing stress and anxiety for their teams.’

This statistic is astonishing, and it got us thinking. What do employees really want from their employers this Christmas?

Christmas dos and parties are of course spectacular and our whole team had a blast at Magna last weekend, but your employees want more than that this December – and more importantly, many of them need that!

Here are four key things we’ve taken away from our research:

◼️ Fair and liveable wages

This one is pretty much a given. Money and finances are at the forefront of many people’s minds!

We’ve devised a handy tool that uses data, compiled of a range of job roles and salaries from businesses in the Sheffield City Region, to give you an accurate valuation for over 150 jobs across our specialist areas of recruitment.

This way, you can be sure you’re offering a fair salary to current employees and any new talent you recruit.

👉 Discover the tool here

◼️ Upskilling and training

Now more than ever, employees are wanting to progress and develop new skills. Our friends over at Whyy? Change offer a number of training courses that will help to transform people within your business. From HR and marketing to management and leadership – there’s a course for everyone!

Plus, all apprenticeship training courses are funded through the apprenticeship levy, with a minimum of 95% funding available. Get in touch with Anne Wilson MBE today for more information!

◼️ Increased flexibility

Many of your employees who have children will now be faced with trying to find childcare for the Christmas holiday period and if possible, giving them that additional flexibility for start and finish times may just make things a little less stressful.

◼️ The freedom to disconnect

Whether your businesses work through Christmas or don’t, it’s important that they’re able to disconnect on their days off and have some time away from work. This will give them the opportunity to recharge and reenergise before returning – avoiding things like workplace burnout.

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