5 signs that you may need a temporary worker in your business


Have you had a temporary worker in the past?

Does the thought of employing somebody on a temporary basis give you a feeling of confidence, or dread?

I’m sure many employers have experienced both of these feelings, but done in the right way with the right temporary worker it can be the perfect short-term solution for your business.

If you’re experiencing any of the following it’s worth exploring a conversation regarding the benefit to your organisation:

1 – You’re recruiting

If you have a vacancy or vacancies it’s time consuming to source and select the right candidate. If the previous post-holder has left the business and you have a gap then productivity can dip and the workload can fall to other team members. Having someone in on a temporary basis can lighten the load and give you the opportunity to try them out as part of your recruitment process.

2 – You have a project with a tight deadline

If it’s ‘all hands-on deck’ and there is a deadline looming, bringing in temporary workers into your business could be a great solution. After a quick induction/training on the key tasks they can beaver away along with your permanent workforce to help you reach that deadline more easily.

3 – You’ve made redundancies

In a redundancy situation where some of your employees will leave during the at risk/consultation period it can leave gaps in your business with a consistent workload. Temps can help plug that gap to ensure productivity levels are maintained.

4 – You have staff of sick or on holidays

If your team are struck down with an illness, or you’ve accidentally over-booked on holidays temporary staff can help cover the short-term period. Even if it’s doing the basic duties as you don’t have the time to train them on more complicated tasks, you can re-allocate the workload across your more experienced team and your temporary worker can ease the load.

5 – You have a high workload with no permanent headcount left in your budget

Temporary workers can see you through until your permanent headcount is re-authorised. Again, this is a great way for them to try out your role and to work in your business For you, it’s an opportunity to see how they fit in to your environment, their work ethic and performance in the role.

Our temporary workers are all:

  • Employed under a zero hours contract
  • Interviewed face to face
  • Identity checked
  • Reference checked

It doesn’t matter whether your requirement is for a day or a year, we are here to advise on the best model for your piece of recruitment. If a temporary worker is the best advice, we will help you understand the process, match the best candidate to your requirement and keep ongoing contact with you both during the temporary assignment.

We’ve recently completed a piece of volume temporary recruitment for one of our lovely clients in Sheffield who had this to say: “Your temporary staff are of a different calibre to what I’ve experienced from other agencies. Their attendance, commitment and energy are fantastic and we’ve seen an increase in performance within the business”.

For more information on our temporary recruitment service call us on 01143211873.

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