Creating the best impression to your interviewees

Did you know that more than two thirds of job seekers turn down a job offer if their first impression doesn’t hit the mark?

In today’s candidate led and in certain skill-sets, short market, creating the best first impression to your prospective employee is critical.

Research shows that first impression is everything from the interview surroundings, prompt timing, the interviewers handshake, office attire and time spent planning and preparing for the interview beforehand.

Similarly, there is a responsibility from the candidate’s side to create the best first impression and employers are also highly influenced by this with some making their mind up within seconds or minutes of the meeting.

It’s natural to make instant assumptions on job seekers based on many factors but employers should understand that employees are forming their impressions too. Research shows that employers rank first impression as key in their decision making along with skills, experience and culture fit. But a bad first impression can kill the chances of the prospective employee regardless of everything else.

In a competitive job market, it goes to demonstrate how important it is getting the basics right at interview on both sides. Interviewers should try to impress at all touch points from the initial telephone call or email inviting the candidate to interview right through to the interview itself. Everyone involved in the stages of an interview process should be on the same page, attentive and engaged, as you would expect the candidate to be otherwise you risk losing out on top talent!

There are different interviewing formats that you can consider which can really make you stand out and assist in selecting the right candidate. These also create a great first impression and if the candidate is meeting with other employers helps separate your process from the pack. Examples are assessment centres, work based trials, interviewing off site, group interviewing, video interviewing and activity centres.

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