Creating a winning job advert

Getting your job advert right is crucial when it comes to filling a vacancy. Job seekers like to see the role, the person spec and it should sell your business well. However, getting the right candidates to apply can be tricky. How you frame the advert will determine who responds with an application, if any job seekers do. Below are 8 tips to creating a winning job advert.

1 – Be specific about the role:

This will enable applicants to compare their experience and skills with what is required and discourage any suitable candidates from applying, saving you time. Make sure that the job title is clear and represents the role.

It’s good to use bullet points in the job and person spec containing benefits or incentives related to the job. Ensure the salary banding is clear and includes any other earning potential such as bonus. Additionally, the ability to work from home or how accessible you are via public transport will likewise grab the attention of the reader. You may even incorporate something like a modern office or team lunch provided each Friday.

2 – Look at the competition

It’s useful to look who else is recruiting in the market for a similar role. What does their job advert look like and how can you improve yours to attract more applicants? You can also use this for research into salaries and benefits being offered – are you competitive?

3 – Tell them about your company

Describe your company and what makes it a great place to work. What do you do and what are you about culturally? You could include your values and the types of customers you deal with. The reader should not only get excited about that company but also have a connection to the role. After reading your ad, the potential recruits should be left with an interesting picture of your company and working there.

4 – Think about your ideal candidate

Before you begin creating the ad, take some time to think over the ideal candidate’s profile, putting into consideration his or her abilities, skills, passion and interests. If you don’t know what you’re looking for from the beginning, you won’t be in a position to hire the best candidate and filter out the unsuitable. Stats show that 75% of those who apply for a role on average are not qualified for it. So, be clear in the posting about which skills are fundamental and which ones are just nice to have so that you become successful in hunting for the ideal candidate.

5 – Think about your tone of voice

More often than not, the first point of contact that job seekers will have with the company is the job advert. What’s more, the tone of voice used will portray the company’s culture. If the company is laid-back and has a casual atmosphere, then use the ideal wordings. Moreover, don’t use humorous and informal language if the organization is a formal one or you’ll end up attracting the wrong candidate. It’s important for candidates now to not only find the right job for them, but also the right business culturally. You can attract the right candidates for your business and candidates that may not apply for your competitor’s roles by getting this right from the get go.

6 – Make use of subheadings

Make the structure of your job ad by using bullet points and subheadings. The ad ought to be split into clearly marked sections, for example, the job title, salary, location, benefits, role duties, person spec and how to apply.

7 – Get personal

Job seekers will probably apply to a posting if they feel connected to the job. Get emotional and personal in your job adverts to grab your readers’ attention! Make use of “you” rather than “the ideal candidate.” Get them excited about the good things that come with the job, for instance, flexible working hours.

8 – Include a specific instruction

Let job seekers know what is required for them to be considered for the role. You could include a couple of questions key to the role such as do you have a driving license? Have you worked with Sage? This can filter candidates more easily than having to read through a number of CV’s. Also, inform candidates how to apply – is it via the advert, via email or phone? Letting candidates know when the closing date is will keep the recruitment process tight and timebound.

These tips are just some of the ways of writing a compelling job advert. Recruitment can be a costly affair for most companies and businesses, so this means that you need to make it worthwhile to ensure that you get the best candidate. For advice and support on creating a winning job specification for your role call one of our specialist team of recruiters on 01143211873.

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