Here’s why a candidate doesn’t have to tick all of your boxes

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Finding the perfect candidate can be tricky, especially when you have a list of attributes you’re looking for. And we’re all for this list, it’s necessary on your hunt for the right fit. However, what happens when you love a candidate, but they only tick 80% of your boxes? Do you let them go? No, you offer them training.

Employers are constantly fighting the battle between a candidate that ticks every box, but doesn’t quite have the personality they’re looking for, and a candidate that doesn’t quite meet all the requirements but is a perfect fit on personality.

We’re here to tell you why a candidate doesn’t have to tick all of your boxes.

First things first, we have a huge candidate pool with talented job seekers and finding the right fit for you is what we do best.

However, business culture and office environment are hugely important for employee retention – and it’s a big risk bringing someone in who isn’t right for the role.

Training and retention come hand in hand, and we’ve recently entered a partnership that’ll enable you to enforce this with both new and old employees.

We’ve recently partnered up with Whyy? Change, a leading training provider and believe us when we say it’s a duo more iconic than Sonny and Cher, Batman and Robin, even Paul and Barry Chuckle.

A candidate not ticking all of your boxes is fine when you can train and upskill them. And not just them, but existing employees too.

This partnership offers a real glow up to your employment package. We’ll manage your search and selection process and Whyy? Change will take care of training – with a number of accredited courses.

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We recruit for lots of different sectors including Creative and Digital, Office Support, IT, Industrial, Graduate and Sales. The courses Whyy? offer align with these sectors and include Leadership, Marketing, Quality HSE, HR and Learning, Math and English and Lean and Six Sigma.

This is not the only benefit of upskilling your employees. Not only will it benefit your business in terms of growth, but many jobseekers are also now looking for roles that’ll allow them to develop their skills throughout their career. Actively training your employees will make your business look more attractive, driving ambitious employees to apply for roles.

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