The importance of a recruitment agency and employer relationship


There is a lot of pressure on hiring managers and HR teams to source the very best candidates using the most cost-effective means to provide the greatest return on investment.

It’s no secret that this is the main reason that many organisations choose to outsource their talent search to a recruitment agency with the expertise and resources to find the right candidate for the role quickly and effectively.

The key to maximising the recruitment resource is working in partnership with the recruitment agency to formulate an aligned strategy that helps to develop a value-added relationship. The more you put into the relationship with the recruitment agency, the more you get out!

What are the benefits of working with a recruitment partner?
  • Experience

Everyone’s a recruiter until they realise that it’s not as easy as you think. Working with an experienced recruitment agency will keep the process efficient, effective and you will be able to draw on their knowledge and experience. You both have the same end goal in mind. Working together at each step of the way will ensure that your recruitment campaign is delivered on time with the right person for the job

  • Access to a wide reach of candidates

Yes, advertising on your website and some of the free job boards is worth a shot, but it’s not strategic. A Recruiter will identify talent hot spots and advertise your vacancy where the right people hang out. Not only that, but they will have paid for access to the online cv databases meaning that they will be hunting out suitable candidates for you rather than waiting for them to apply. They’ll also be well networked and will be savvy on social media, identifying potential ‘passive’ candidates for you.

  • Your business pioneered in the market place

An advert can only do so much. A recruiter who has been to your offices will pioneer your business, your opportunity, your culture and benefits in the marketplace. This is key in a candidate led market.

  • Candidate led market

In a marketplace where candidates know their value and have choices and options then it’s of benefit to you to have someone taking control. This will make sure you’re updated every step of the way of that candidate’s job search and their thoughts, feelings and any reservations they may have. You may find yourself in competition with another business tendering for that candidate. A good recruiter will match on skills, experience and culture and manage a situation where the candidate has choices and include you on the delivery.

How can you develop an effective, value add relationship?

Agree to meet with recruiters face to face at your office. This is so that we can learn more about your business. It’s key to understand your structure, your people and your culture to properly match for you when you’re recruiting. This also helps identify talent that will match even when you’re not. Arrange regular review meetings where you can look at fill ratios, identify issues in sourcing and look for alternative strategies, and most importantly work as a team.

When you hit your stride the partnership will be invaluable for your business and so take the time to invest in it from the off. Network with each other, pass over leads and attend the same networking events where you can introduce each other as partners.  When this is done right, and I’ve seen it a handful of times it’s where recruitment becomes advantageous and the process is just more delightful.

Let us show you how an effective recruitment partnership should look. Give us a call and invite us in for a cuppa. We have over 11 years of experience and knowledge to offer you and a personal service that is unrivalled in the marketplace.

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