The importance of candidate vetting when recruiting

The importance of candidate vetting when recruiting

Recruiting in 2024 isn’t as straightforward as interviewing and hiring candidates, although it would make everyone’s lives a little bit simpler if it were.

The success of your organisation hinges on the quality of your workforce, making candidate vetting a crucial element of recruiting.

When hiring for your role, you want to identify candidates who not only have the necessary skills but also align with your company’s values and culture.

We’ve explored some of the reasons why vetting is vital.

Risk mitigation

One of the primary reasons for thorough candidate vetting is risk mitigation. Hiring an employee is a huge investment and any misstep can lead to financial and operational setbacks.

Inadequate vetting could also expose your business to legal liabilities. For example, failing to conduct proper background checks could result in hiring candidates that have a history of misconduct or criminal activity.

Background checks, reference checks and identification checks are all great ways of mitigating these risks.

Ensuring cultural fit

At Glu, we’re big on culture fit. Hiring a new staff member that isn’t the right culture fit can upset your current workforce, so it’s important to vet their values and work ethic against your business.

Vetting a candidate for culture fit is also great when they don’t have everything you’re looking for on paper. It may be the case that they require more training or support but are a fantastic fit for the company.

Enhancing long-term success

Our goal is to make placements that stick and we imagine that you’re goal when hiring is to recruit a candidate that will have long-term success with your business.

Appropriate vetting helps identify candidates with not only the right skills and experience but also the potential for growth and development within the company.

This can look like competency assessments, scenario-based evaluations, and long-term potential analysis can help identify candidates who are likely to excel and grow within the company.

Building a positive company reputation

We imagine that you’ve worked hard to build a good business reputation and it’s crucial that you maintain this.

A strong vetting process can contribute to this as your employees are a direct representation of your company.

Candidate vetting saves you from the risks that come with the wrong hire. It ensures you don’t lose time, money or your reputation.
It wouldn’t be a Glu article without a cheeky plug now, would it? At Glu, we have a thorough vetting process before we even send a candidate over to you.

Please get in touch with any questions or to find out how our vetting process works.

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