Recruiting? Beat the new year rush

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Are you one of those people whose extremely prepared every Christmas? Or are you someone who relies entirely on Amazon Prime to take care of your list?

The thing is, it doesn’t matter how long you leave your Christmas shopping for or when you decide to wrap your presents, it always seems to work out.

One thing you can’t afford to leave until last minute is your recruitment plan. It’s no secret that January is creeping up on us and it’s only going to get busier and more competitive when it comes to hiring new talent.

With fewer candidates than jobs, everyone is looking to snatch up the good ones. And you know what they say, you snooze, you lose!

There are many benefits to looking at your recruitment in December, rather than January. Here are a few.

Less competition

Chances are your competitors are biding their time and waiting until the New Year to look at hiring new talent. You see it all over social media, a ‘New Year Plan’ is the way that so many companies go. This leaves a whole pool of candidates open and waiting to showcase what they have to offer.

Many candidates will be using the New Year as the prime time to switch jobs and are no doubt already looking at what’s out there.

Starting your hiring process in December will mean that you won’t be battling other companies in January and won’t have to adjust your employment package to something more competitive.

Plus, you all know as well as us that January is a very busy time of year and trying to get time off can be a nightmare. This is the same for candidates who are much more likely to get time off for interviews approved in December as opposed to January!

Ease into the new year

There’s no denying that January is a hectic time for employers. Christmas will be over and done with and the new year usually brings in new responsibilities.

The last thing that you want to be doing is sieving through applications and trying to organise times that work for interviews. You can focus solely on the new year tasks at hand!

Get into the festive spirit!

Hiring in December is a great Christmas gift for not only the candidate but you too. It will take a weight off both of your shoulders and allow you to start the new year in a positive way. The candidate will be able to relax knowing that they have a role secured and you will be able to relax knowing that you’ve beat the January rush that will come if you decide to hire later.

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