The truth about temporary employment

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Have you found yourself in a position of looking for immediate work? Are you worried about not having something secured in time for Christmas? We can help.

Taking on a temporary job could be your answer! We’ve helped a wide range of candidates, who have suddenly found themselves out of work through no fault of their own – from redundancies and relocation to maternity leave and illness.
As excited as we are to think about Christmas, we understand that the next few months can be the most stressful for many.

Temporary employment comes with a certain stigma that we’re looking to squash. We’re here to shed some light on temporary recruitment and list the benefits.

Job security

Many people are under the impression that temporary employment provides little to no job security, which isn’t the case at all. Majority of the temporary jobs that we help to fill are what we call ‘temp-perm’ jobs. When you enter a permanent job role, you’re often given a probationary period. Our temp-perm jobs consist of a 12-week probationary period and after that, your employer will assess your performance and employ you on a permanent basis should you pass – pretty similar to a permanent job!

Hourly pay

Temporary employment has a bit of a rep of being low paid work – which again, isn’t true. As a temporary worker you will be employed directly by Glu Recruit, so you will be entitled to all the statutory benefits of being an employee such as holiday pay and workplace pension contributions. Rates of pay are dependent on the specifics of the role, the level of experience required and the seniority of the position, and you’ll be paid an hourly rate for the duration of the temporary assignment. Plus, you can reap the benefits of weekly pay!

The benefits

Gain experience

If you’re at a bit of a career crossroads, and you’re unsure on what you want to do just yet, temping is a great way of gaining some practical experience in different industries. This experience will bring you a number of transferrable skills that will not only look good on your CV but will also be useful in your future career.

Get networking

Making connections is much more than how many people on your LinkedIn. The best way to develop new relationships is, and always has been, in person. Whilst you’re temping, you’ll make lots of new connections, from your manager and colleagues to people in other departments.

Fill those gaps

You may not be aware of this, but gaps on your CV can be off putting to some employers. Temping will minimise or remove any unexplained periods of unemployment, making you more desirable to employers!

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