Is every day in your job like Groundhog Day?

Is every day in your job like Groundhog Day?

It’s February 2nd, and many of you film fans out there will know what today is – it’s Groundhog Day!

The tradition of Groundhog Day focuses on, you guessed it, the Groundhog – a badger like animal who will awake from its winter sleep on 2nd February to see if Spring has arrived.

As it emerges from its burrow, if it sees its shadow, then it will retreat back into hibernation and winter will continue for another 6 weeks. If however, it doesn’t see a shadow due to cloudy weather, then it’s hibernation will end and Spring will arrive early.

Made famous by the 1993 film, where Bill Murray has to repeat the same day of his life over and over again until he changes his ways, we’ve come to associate this day in a similar way to how we view a New Year’s resolution – by making plans to make a change to our lives for the better.

By now, many New Year’s resolutions will have fallen by the wayside, dry January has come and gone and winter is yet to really kick in (at the time of writing it is actually snowing at Glu HQ!) So why not extend those positive thoughts a little longer, and if you feel like a positive change in your life is needed then keep trying!

Many of us can relate this to our work life; feeling trapped, hitting a glass ceiling, taking a job as far as you can. There’s never a good or a bad time to think about changing jobs, or even your career path. If you are feeling the same unfulfillment in your job day after day, then you need to start making plans to emerge from your burrow, stop seeing all those shadows and do something about it!

That’s where our team of specialist recruiters at Glu Recruit come in! We recruit for some of the best businesses in the Sheffield City Region and are always on the look out for quality candidates to put forward for their dream jobs!

If your career makes you feel like you are stuck in an endless rut, going through the same mundane routine each and every day then drop us a line – we can help you shake off the shackles of an endless winter and get you to the promised land or sunshine and happiness – a new career!

Drop us a line to or 0114 321 1873 and we’ll set the wheels in motion to fast track your career to the next level.

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