Fewer ‘Cases of the Monday’s’ reported in the UK, whilst workplace wellbeing places high on the agenda

Fewer ‘Cases of the Monday’s’ reported in the UK, whilst workplace wellbeing places high on the agenda

More proof that happy workers are productive workers!

A new survey commissioned for National Work Life Week by experiences club Boundless has revealed that the mood of staff should be high on the agenda for employers.

Identifying a link between happiness, productivity and work satisfaction, the study aimed to discover the secrets to happiness at work.

It revealed that:

  • 74% of UK workers say they feel better going to work on a Monday if they have had a good weekend;
  • 50% of people agree they definitely work better when they are happy, 38% say they possibly do, equating to a total of 88%;
  • Just 6% of workers said that being happy didn’t improve their work performance;
  • 82% of people said they felt happy or very happy at work;
  • 37% believed that less than half of their colleagues were happy in their job;
  • 47% said they would describe themselves as stressed or very stressed;
  • 23% said they felt stressed at least once per day.

Rob Shaw, Managing Director at Glu Recruit said: “The fact that most UK employees feel better going into work on a Monday following a good weekend provides useful insight to employers.

“Most people would agree that they work better when they feel happy, and these statistics reinforce the importance of a work-life balance.

“Happy workers are productive workers and it’s important that workplaces prioritise wellbeing and take the necessary steps to ensure staff are supported.

“For employers it means preventing presenteeism and ensuring staff have enough down time and, if necessary, access to wellbeing and stress-busting initiatives. For employees it means putting more effort into planning fun activities, making the most of free time and taking the time to unwind.

“Most importantly though for employers is to communicate if you’re not feeling happy at work to reach a solution with your employer.

“In cases where a solution cannot be reached, it may be time for a change of scenery. If you’re looking for a new role, we can help you find your happy place.”

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