Glu Recruit X Whyy? Change: The strength of collaboration

Glu Recruit X Whyy? Change: The strength of collaboration

We’re long-standing friends of Whyy? Change, a leading training provider based in Rotherham.

Having worked together for several years and personally onboarding some of our staff on their accredited training programmes, we were thrilled to be asked to support with the recruitment of a crucial role for their business.

This partnership has culminated in the onboarding of Rachel Ovens as Whyy? Change’s new Marketing Tutor!

Whyy? did we partner with Whyy?

At Glu, we believe that organisation thrives when its staff are thriving. By investing in their growth, companies not only enhance their employees’ productivity but also cultivate a loyal and motivated workforce.

Our collaboration with Whyy? Change is a testament to this belief.

Ray Byrne, CEO of Whyy? Change, has been a pivotal figure in fostering this partnership. We sat down with him and had a chat about our partnership and our recruitment process. Here’s what he had to say.

“You’re not a bad lot you lot. Glu Recruit and the culture Rob has built is massively important to me.

“I know that I can speak to Rob at any time and it’s not transactional, which is something I value. The minute I get a whiff that a conversation is transactional, I’m straight out of there, which I’ve never had with Glu.

“With the recruitment process, I don’t have any improvements and I think this is because Rob understood me, I understood him and I genuinely think you care about our business and the people here.

“From the personal contact to the onboarding process, I wouldn’t say there’s anything to improve on going forward. Like I said, you’re alright you guys.”

We’re very confident that Rachel will thrive in her new role, contributing to the growth of Whyy? Change – and we think she’s in with a great team that will support her going forward.

As we celebrate this successful placement, we look forward to continuing our collaboration with Whyy? Change in the future.

For more information about Whyy? Change, and the services they offer, please visit their website.

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