How do I find a new job during a pandemic?

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How do I find a new job during a pandemic?

We all know that right now is a tough time, both personally and professionally. The world has changed dramatically over the last year and we still don’t have a real end in sight. Job losses have been all over the news and it’s such a shame to see so many businesses struggling to operate and keep their staff.

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You may be looking for a new job due to losing yours in the pandemic, or it may be that you’re looking for career progression. We can help with either of those situations. One thing we must say is don’t feel “survivor’s guilt” if you’re looking for a role whilst you still have a job, it’s perfectly acceptable to want to further your career at any time!

What can you do?

The first step is to sit back and think about your core skills. You may have had a similar job title throughout you career, but your skills can adapt to many different roles. Are you an excellent organiser, great at managing projects from start to finish? Are you a good manager, leader and progressive thinker? Are you a strategic thinker? These skills can all be deployed across a number of job roles. Think about what you have learned in specific situations and how you have developed as a result.

Where do you want to work?

Get looking at places you want to work. Look at businesses where the values match your own. Discover what they look for in employees and if you match that. Even if they’re not listing any vacancies, give us a list! We’re happy to speak to businesses for you. We may also know of companies that are recruiting and match what you’re looking for.

Update your CV

Make sure your CV shines. Reflect on how you have adapted in the recent pandemic, have you switched to working from home? That shows you’re adaptable. Have you worked throughout? That shows you’re dedicated and hard working. Have you lost your role due to the changes? That shows that you’re stepping up and wanting to get back into a job – perseverance.

Work to make your CV sell you. Check for errors, repetition, grammar and waffling! Send it over to a friend to critique, send it to us. Have a break between editing and look at it with a fresh pair of eyes the next day.

Network online

With most events cancelled for the foreseeable future, you need to find a new networking strategy to meet with potential employers. Join professional groups on LinkedIn, post comments and make yourself visible. Look on websites like Eventbrite for networking events online. Sign up to our mailing list – we often share tips on there, too!

Boost your skills

If you know that there’s a particular skill or qualification that would help you to succeed, now is the time to work on it. There are websites such as FutureLearn and Coursera that offer some MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) as well as the special offer we have with the New Skills Academy.  You can get a discount on accredited courses on New Skills Academy by using the code GLURECRUIT.

Find out where the shortages are

The shortage occupation list – used to offer work visas to people moving to the UK – quickly shows where workers are needed, and includes fields like engineering, web programming and graphic design. This could help you with finding direction and deciding where you want to retrain or refocus your job search.

We’re always here to help you through your job search and, believe it or not, we do have vacancies for a wide range of skill sets and experience. Speak to us on 0114 321 1873 or to find out how you can find a job during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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