How to choose between multiple job offers

We all know that job hunting can be stressful, often feeling like a never-ending and thankless task.
Unless you are applying for one specific role, the chances are you will be sending out numerous applications and waiting to hear back from interviews.

After all of your hard work, receiving a job offer is great, but whilst receiving more than one offer may seem exciting, it can also be stressful and you need to take the time to assess your options.
One main worry for job seekers is how to deal with more than one offer without burning bridges with the organisations whose offers they decide not to accept.

If you handle the situation carefully, this is a chance to accept an offer that’s best for you and your career.

Here are some tips to help ease the confusion and stress…

Be honest

Many employers will ask if you have other interviews lined up. If you do, tell them! Honesty is the best policy – especially when it comes to selecting a new job. Do not forget that other people will likely be applying for the role and when you accept an offer, it usually means that other applicants will be told they were unsuccessful and the vacancy will be removed. By letting the employer know that you may get other offers, they may be less likely to rush to tell candidates they didn’t get the job – just in case!

You could also inform the employer who has made the offer and mention that you potentially have another offer. Whilst this may be an uncomfortable conversation, explain that you are enthusiastic but need to weigh up your options – most employers will only view an applicant more positively if they are in demand. For example, you could say; “I am so pleased to have been offered the role, but I should let you know that I have an offer elsewhere. Is there any chance that you could give me until next week to look at the situation and finalise my decision?”

Weigh up the facts

Let’s be honest, most job roles aren’t just about the salary that comes with them. You will be spending time and investing yourself into a business – you need to make sure it is the right one for you.

You will need to look at the opportunities and divide the pros and cons of each. Many organisations have invested heavily into staff benefits to stay competitive as employers. It’s not uncommon to be offered health insurance, shopping discounts, employee assistance programmes and more. If all of the offers you have include those things, you need to look at other ways of differentiating the roles. Have you looked at reviews from previous or current employees? Does one offer a more flexible approach than the other role? Which will work out better financially when it comes to a commute? Who offers more holidays?

These things may sound trivial, but if it really is a close call between roles – they could make the decision for you!

Did you like them?

Thinking back to your interview – did you like the people you met? Did others seem friendly? Could you see yourself spending a large amount of your time with these people and develop professionally with them? Don’t forget, you’re likely to spend more time with these people than your partner, spouse, kids, puppy… the list goes on!

Do the company values match your own? Did you see those values in practise?

Will you benefit from the role?

Do you see yourself committing to a role here for a period of time, or do you see it as a stepping-stone (not necessarily a bad thing!) and will it benefit your career to take the role? Will you develop skills, yourself or your CV?

Are there training opportunities? Will you have the potential to gain promotions, or upskill yourself? Is the role permanent and stable?

Will it make you happy?

When you’ve considered all of the scenarios above, you may have an idea of which job is better for you. If all of the offers match, try speaking to friends and family to discuss the options. They may point something out that you haven’t seen!

In the end, if all of your senses point to one role – trust your instincts. Speak to your recruitment agent and get their advice, too (we know our stuff!).

If you would like to have a chat about your next career move with one of our experienced recruitment specialists, drop us a line on 0114 321 1873 or email, remember we are here to help!

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