Remote interviewing or interviewing at a distance – which would work for you?

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Remote interviewing or interviewing at a distance – which would work for you?

During the recent pandemic, we’ve all adapted to changes with regards to living our lives online. Meetings are held via webcam, documents are signed digitally, and even interviews are done from the comfort of your own home.

With some lockdown measures now easing, we wanted to look at the opportunities ahead with interviewing candidates. Is it still better to stick to webcam or should you invite a candidate to the office?

Giving people an option

One thing that has been discussed at great length during the crisis has been how employers treat staff. <a href=''>Background vector created by freepik -</a>Social media has been awash with companies who have treated their employees “well” considering the outbreak, and pointing the finger at those who haven’t. Therefore, it really is crucial that you give candidates an option of a virtual or in-person interview and make clear that there is no judgement on whichever way the choose. Anxieties and underlying health conditions could mean that a person doesn’t feel comfortable being in an office with others and you should respect that. Many firms are choosing a virtual interview to begin with, followed by a socially distanced second interview. 

For those who wish to have a virtual interview, we’ve compiled a list of tips here. The main thing to remember is to prepare: check your technology and internet connection, find a quiet room with an appropriate background, prepare your questions and ensure you are on time. Whilst we would tell you to treat it like a normal interview, it obviously isn’t normal at all – so be prepared to adapt to the situation.

If you both decide on a socially distanced interview, find a room with adequate distancing space for all panellists and the candidate. Open a window to allow fresh air into the room – they can get stuffy at the best of times, let alone during an interview! Ensure that the surfaces in the room are thoroughly cleaned before and after each interview. Provide hand sanitiser for the panel and the candidate. Request that your candidate brings their own copy of their CV and a pen in case they wish to refer to it and make notes. And, of course, do not shake hands!

A tour of the office is possible, again as long as you can stick to two metres apart. This also includes when talking to colleagues on the tour – there must be a two-meter gap between everybody.

Be flexible!

During this strange time, we’ve discovered that we are more flexible than we thought we were. We’ve adapted well to a whole new ‘normal’, and discovered ways of working that we have never had to consider before. This includes interviewing remotely and having meetings via the internet.

If it’s absolutely necessary for a candidate to visit your office for an interview, you must adhere to the strictest hygiene rules and regulations. Remember, it’s not only to protect yourself, it’s to protect others too.

If you need any more support or guidance for recruiting during these unprecedented times, you can contact us on 0114 321 1873 or

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