Smaller candidate pools mean you need to think creatively

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Smaller candidate pools mean you need to think creatively

January is a famously busy time in the world of recruitment. We often see a spike in people who are looking to change roles or sectors for the new year ahead. However, this year has been somewhat different. We know that the businesses we work with have vacancies that they want to fill with the right people, but those people aren’t coming forwards as readily as before.

Office vector created by stories - www.freepik.comDue to the pandemic and uncertainty, we are seeing that many candidates who would usually be looking to move jobs are staying put. The temptation to leave for a new chapter is still there, but the concern about doing so is strong. However, if the right job came along, advertised and pitched in the right way, we know that some of our strong candidates would flourish in a new role.

The question is, how do you attract them? How do you sell your role into somebody who is full of trepidation about moving jobs or anxious about being disloyal to their employer?

Get creative!

It’s time to get creative. Our recruitment model is to be personable, consultative, honest, and thorough providing you with advice throughout. Our consultants and methods are forward thinking to give you more than just a standard recruitment service.

We advocate for your brand, cast the net wide and filter candidates through a set of telephone and face to face interviews to present you with the very best and most suited candidates. We know our candidates well, we’ve worked with some of them for their entire careers, and we can work with you and them to make sure it’s the right fit.

Recruitment isn’t as simple as posting an advert and hoping the right person applies. Times have changed and we are ever-changing with them!

Speak to us on 0114 321 1873 or about how we can work in partnership with your business to make sure you recruit the right person and embed them into your culture and organisation. We work on a no place no fee basis so there’s no cost for you to interview our candidates alongside your direct applicants.

The right people are out there and looking for an opportunity – it’s just about finding them and presenting the role properly, so they know it’s right for them.

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