Unlocking the secrets to a happy office

Unlocking the secrets to a happy office

Research from CABA, has revealed what UK employees are really looking for in a workplace, with health and welling a top concern.

According to the charity – which supports the wellbeing of chartered accountants – the phrase ‘workplace wellbeing’ is searched for a whopping 500 times per day.

In the study:

74% of employees said that their concentration at work is negatively affected by poor wellbeing

66% said that poor wellbeing made them less productive

36% said they considered quitting their position on a regular basis

42% have had increased levels of sick leave due to poor wellbeing

13% ‘pull sickies’ to cope with stress

31% said they did not like work

The research also revealed that due to work pressures and commitments, employees miss on average 26 social events every year.

But what can employers do?

Rob Shaw, Managing Director at Glu Recruit said: “This research suggests that employees are feeling increased levels of stress within the workplace, which is affecting their overall mental wellbeing.

“It’s vital that employers communicate effectively with employees to resolve issues.

“Having a wellbeing strategy is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it’s essential, and it’s a priority for many candidates on the hunt for their next role.”

In the study, employees listed healthy snacks and free exercise classes as quick wins to improving workplace wellbeing.

Rob added: “Encouraging health eating and exercise are simple steps that can have a huge impact. But the key is communication. Employers should ask their team to provide regular feedback, which will not only make employees feel valued, it will lead to effective changes to benefit your business too.”


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