What are the pros and cons of hiring a graduate?

When it comes to recruiting, weighing up the options between hiring a graduate or an experienced professional can be problematic for any organisation.

What are the pros and cons of hiring a graduate?


When it comes to recruiting, weighing up the options between hiring a graduate or an experienced professional can be problematic for any organisation.

Our graduate recruitment division shows that we are big advocates for graduates and all they can bring to a business. However, we also know that sometimes it’s more appropriate to hire a more experienced professional. It all depends on the role and where you see the job progressing in the future. We wanted to take a look at some pros and cons that may help you make that decision!

Pro: Graduates are up to date with the latest technology

Graduates, as a generation, have never lived in a world without the internet. They understand social media, computer programs and most technology. The majority of graduates understand all basic computer packages such as Microsoft Office and even Apple software. Unlike experienced professionals who have had to adapt to technology, graduates have never known a world without a keyboard and screen. They can learn quickly and can adapt to software your business is using relatively quickly.

Pro: A graduate salary is often lower than those more experienced

We should point out here that we are not saying to pay an offensively low salary for somebody who is a graduate! However, due to their lack of work experience, graduates will not have the same salary expectations as somebody who has done the job for a long time. Whilst this will save you money, you should expect to offer better on-the-job training and experiences to help graduates grow into seasoned professionals.

Pro: Graduates can be guided and trained

In theory, you can work with graduates to mould them into the future leaders of your business. If they learn from the bottom upwards, they can adapt to the business and the changing times. By offering to guide and train a graduate, you can support them into becoming managers, leaders and even higher by encouraging them to learn about your business, industry and processes.

Pro: They’re inquisitive and not afraid to ask

Having just left a degree where they are challenged to think for themselves and ask questions, a graduate can help you identify other ways of working. They’re not afraid to ask questions, suggest ideas and help you see the bigger picture. What you think is a simple process or system in your business could be taking too much time and effort. If you’ve always done things that way, it’s easy to not see that – but a graduate can.

Con: You need to invest time in training

Seasoned professionals often come with the background in the role to be able to start straight away and hit the ground running, a graduate may need more support and training.

Con: Possible lack of stability

If a graduate can’t see a career path, they may move on from the role quickly. Graduates are excited about their career and want to climb the career ladder. If you don’t give them some indication of progression, they may more on from the role within a year or two.

Con: Graduates aren’t business leaders

A more experienced professional often has plenty of experience in working in your industry, that specific role and as part of a team, compared to recent graduates. If you have a role that requires clear leadership and managerial skills, a graduate often doesn’t have those skills. Whilst you can develop a graduate over time, if you need a leader or manager straight away, it’s often better to go with experience.

Our graduate recruitment division helps employers set up and operate graduate schemes, finding the best graduate talent to fit in with their business objectives. Our recruitment process is carefully crafted with you in mind to deliver the best possible results. We’ve built our model to be personable, consultative, honest and thorough providing you with advice throughout.

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