Why should you work in manufacturing or digital/creative?

Are you just starting out in the world of work, or considering a career change, and have no idea where to start? Have you ever considered making the move into manufacturing or creative/digital?

We’ve put together some reasons why these 2 growing industries would be great choices!

Variety of options

Within each sector, there’s a huge variety of jobs available. In the creative/digital sector, there’s anything from client-facing roles in client services and project management, to more technical roles such as working in PPC, SEO and UX. There’s also a big opportunity for you to bring your own creative spark into any role, combining what you love with your work. The digital/creative sector also has great opportunities for freelance work, which gives you the option to choose the work you are most interested in.

The manufacturing sector also has a wide variety of roles to keep your career path interesting. From quality control technicians to warehouse operatives and production managers, there are opportunities across the sector.

Above-average weekly salaries

The average weekly salary in the UK in 2019 was £585 (ONS). Both the manufacturing and creative/digital sectors matched or exceeded average weekly wages of above the national average. Here’s a further breakdown of the each industry:

Manufacturing SectorAverage Weekly Wage (£)
Food and Tobacco528
Digital/ Creative SectorAverage Weekly Wage (£)
Creative and Design685
Digital Design629
Design and Branding774
Digital & Performance660

There has also been pay increases of over 40% in some parts of the digital/creative industry, and manufacturing pay has increased steadily year on year for the last 5 years, too (ONS). We know that money isn’t everything, but it’s always nice to know that your job helps your bank balance, too!

Constant Demand

Tied in with the pay increases comes the increased need and demand for both of these job sectors. Both sectors are predicted to grow exponentially over the next few years, and this has only been accelerated by these unprecedented coronavirus times.

Manufacturing jobs, particularly those involving food/essential item production are currently being classified as “keyworker” roles, and this is bound to cause the demand for these jobs increase. Reliance on online food orders as well as essential supplies means that most jobs in the manufacturing industry are secure.

Career Progression and Stability

Both of these industries offer a wide range of career progression opportunities, stability and longevity. There’s also opportunities to jump from one part of the sector to another. Manufacturing is involved at each and every stage in the production process, for example, so there’s more variety in the roles available than there may seem initially.

The same can be said for the digital/creative sector. Many full service agencies for example offer clients PPC, SEO, UX and design work. So there are many opportunities to diversify with this industry, and within the same workplace if you desire.


The varied shift patterns and the option to work night shifts or part-time in the manufacturing industry has become increasingly desirable over the last few years as the focus shifts from “work hard, play hard” to preferring a better work-life balance. With the above average weekly salary, too, the manufacturing industry may be the perfect sector for those with a family.

As already mentioned, the digital/creative sector is great for freelance work, which allows you to choose the number of days/hours you work. With a lot of digital/creative work also being office based, many are seeing the benefits of flexi-time, which allows for things like school drop-off/pick-up, long lunches with friends and an early friday finish!

Job satisfaction

How great would it be to know that the job you are doing really makes a difference to people’s lives? Well, the manufacturing industry does just that, having a significant contribution on economies locally, nationally and globally, as well as providing every household in the country with the goods it needs. The impact this has on the quality of life for families across the globe is immeasurable, but definitely significant.

And as for the digital/creative sector, you could be involved with helping a wide range of local, ethical small or large businesses expand their online presence, as well as raising awareness of the products they offer. This helps support the business, and also spreads awareness of useful and beneficial products to families everywhere.

If you are looking for more out of your career, why not drop us a line to see what’s out there in the manufacturing or creative / digital industries?

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