Why we need ‘desk-bombing’ for a great office culture

Why we need ‘desk-bombing’ for a great office culture

‘Desk-bombing’ is the craze right now and is something circulating on LinkedIn, following an article written in The Financial Times.

For those of you who haven’t seen or heard anything about it, ‘desk-bombing’ is the act of walking up to a colleague’s desk for an unscheduled chat. For many of you, this seems like an everyday activity, for others it’s more of an issue.

We speak a lot about the importance of a good workplace culture and part of that is feeling relaxed and comfortable around the people we work with.

If we start thinking of ‘desk-bombing’ as a negative, it will create big issues for not only office culture, but team building, productivity and motivation.

The pandemic took a huge toll on everyone as we were forced to spend months working from home. The sound of a Teams call still haunts us to this day and we’ve all missed out on so much face-to-face interaction already.

As much as we’d like to think everyone is close and friendly in the office, for more reserved colleagues, it won’t always be the case that they’re ‘besties’ with everyone at work.

Some workplace relationships only stretch to a greeting in the morning and a goodbye at the end of the day. Face-to-face interaction plays a crucial part in building workplace relationships, which in turn creates a more pleasant working environment – a crucial part of employee retention.

According to the survey conducted by Westfield Health, 86% of workers say they are more productive at work if there is a good culture. 85% felt there was a link between workplace culture and their wellbeing and 64% of workers would leave their job if the culture didn’t fit.

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‘Desk-bombing’ may seem like something minor, but you’d be surprised at how much of an effect something so small could have on your business. After you’ve put the time and effort in to recruiting people for your business it’s equally important to develop a retention strategy to ensure your performers stay.

Rather than looking at ‘desk-bombing’ as a negative, we’d suggest you encourage it in your workplace. The more ‘desk-bombing’ the better in fact!

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