The benefits that job seekers really want from a company

The benefits that job seekers really want from a company

In today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent requires more than just a big paycheck.

Business professionals have been coming together on platforms like LinkedIn to discuss whether your benefit is actually a benefit, such as free parking or free tea and coffee, or whether this is just standard.

We’ve spoken to our candidates and discovered the benefits that they truly crave from a company.

Flexible working

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the way we work, leading to a surge in demand for flexible work arrangements.

Flexible working doesn’t necessarily mean you offer your employees full-time remote working. Nor does it mean you offer hybrid. It means you take into consideration that sometimes life gets in the way of work and other things take priority.

Can you accommodate for working hours around school pick up? Can your employees make up a few hours in their evening to make room for other things in the afternoon?

Does your employee need to book the whole morning off for a doctors appointment that will make them an hour late?

Being flexible is a fantastic way to attract top talent to your team – could the strict 9-5pm, with zero flex, be a thing of the past?

Opportunities for progression

Job seekers are increasingly seeking employers who offer opportunities for career advancement and professional development.

Take us at Glu for example, we’ve partnered with Whyy? Change, a leading apprenticeship provider, and encouraged our staff to pursue apprenticeships that strengthen their skills and develop them professionally.

Candidates want to know that they can grow and evolve within a company, and a culture that encourages this becomes highly attractive.

Comprehensive health support

With the current cost-of-living crisis and people still adjusting to work post-COVID, health support from an employer is a must for some job seekers.

Partnering with a health organisation to cover things such as dental costs and eye tests is seen as a huge benefit.

And it’s not only physical health but mental wellbeing too. Now more than ever, candidates are looking for companies who prioritise mental wellbeing.

From workshops and webinars to transparent conversations and support systems, creating a culture where candidates feel understood and heard is a huge win for your company.

Strong company culture

We talk a lot about company culture at Glu HQ and how important it is. When we chat with our candidates, we’re often hearing about how important it is for them to be a part of a company that’s positive, and inclusive.

They want to feel heard, valued and respected – a crucial benefit for employee retention.

To conclude, attracting the best candidates for your organisation goes way beyond offering a great salary.

Prioritise their well-being, offer opportunities for growth and development and foster a positive work culture.


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