Myth buster: The truth about working with a recruitment agency

There are a lot of myths around working with recruitment agencies, and we’re here to bust them. Consider us the modern-day Ghost Busters.

We’ve searched high and low to bring you 5 of the weirdest and whackiest myths. So, buckle up, get yourself a brew and enjoy the ride.
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1) Small agencies are untrustworthy.

Firstly, have you never heard the phrase ‘good things come in small packages?’. We’re a smaller agency at Glu Recruit and there are endless reasons why you should trust us to hire the perfect candidate.

Though we are small, we are mighty! With over 50 years’ combined experience in recruiting, we bring a vast amount of knowledge and understanding, around hiring for a number of different industry sectors.

We’re based in Rotherham and Sheffield, so we’re focused on our core values of being down to earth, personable and consultative.

The common misconception, with smaller recruitment agencies, is that they only recruit locally. At Glu Recruit, we serve businesses nationally, which means we can recruit for your offices up and down the UK.

It’s the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the services of a business that feels smaller and is more personable but reap the benefits of national recruiting. So, that’s myth number one busted.

2) Recruitment agencies only care about money.

This is a common myth about recruitment agencies, and it couldn’t be further from the truth. Our recruitment consultants put hours of work into finding our clients the perfect fit.

At Glu Recruit, we offer a refreshing approach to recruitment. We want to get to know the ins and outs of your business, not just your day-to-day activities, but the core values.

We do this, because finding a perfect personality fit as well as desired skills and experience, is crucial to a successful business. Once we learn everything there is to know, we’ll then start our search.

We sieve through as many CV’s as we can, to present you with the most suitable candidates. We then set up all of your interviews and offer a helping hand if you need any advice.

When we inevitably find you the ideal candidate, we’ll still check in to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Plus, with a no place, no fee basis, there’s no cost for you to interview our candidates alongside your direct applicants. It’s more than just money for us – we love nothing more than a success story!

3) Recruitment agencies are no match for a good job description.

You could have JK Rowling herself writing your job descriptions, but it won’t sell your role. All this will do is target candidates looking to move jobs.

Recruitment agencies come with a huge amount of experience and a wide network of viable candidates – opening you up to top tier talent.

Your job description won’t be viewed by what we call a ‘passive’ candidate, who is an individual not actively looking for a new job – candidates that recruitment agencies can reach.

We aim to throw the net far and wide, so we reach as many possible candidates as possible. Once we have found them, we’ll speak to them personally to find out what sort of match they would be, beyond their CV. Recruitment agencies achieve much more than a job description.

4) All recruitment agencies are the same.

Wrong! At Glu Recruit, we drive to challenge the norm. Being a smaller, local agency, we pride ourselves on being more personable and centred around our core company values; Collaborative, Personable, Committed, Distinct, and the long-term stick of our relationships and placements.

Our recruitment consultants are down to earth people, who consider themselves to be an extension of your business. Getting to know the core values of both your business and your employees, allows us to offer something truly unique.

At Glu Recruit, we don’t work towards targets and KPI’s, because we feel like that results in pressure to choose the wrong candidate. Instead, we’ll take our time with our searches. We stumble across hundreds of CVs daily, but what makes us different is that we’ll reach out to the candidates, find out more about them and go beyond their CV.

Anyone can look good on paper, but we know what to look for and we’re extremely good at finding the perfect candidate for you.

5) Recruitment agencies just send over CV’s.

Incorrect. Bad recruitment agencies may do this, but at Glu Recruit, you’re stuck with us for the entire hiring journey – pardon the pun!

Many employers think that a Recruitment Agency will identify the role you’re looking to fill, then run with it.

Incredible recruitment agencies, such as ourselves, offer their support and advice throughout the whole process.

This covers everything. From the very first meeting to the celebrations when you offer a job to the candidate.

We advertise your role in a number of places, then sieve through CV’s and speak with applicants to ensure they have the desired experience and personality.

We arrange all your interviews and remain on standby to offer any advice and support that’ll make the hiring process easier for you. Sending CV’s is just one minor part of an exciting journey!

Consider them busted.

Speak to us on 0114 321 1873 or about how we can work in partnership with your business to make sure you recruit the right person and embed them into your culture and organisation.

Or, if we’ve absolutely sold you on working for a recruitment agency, you can apply for our latest Recruitment Consultant role here.

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