Handling interview feedback for unsuccessful applicants

Interview Feedback

Once you’ve gone through the recruitment process and found your new recruit, many forget to give interview feedback to the other candidates that spent time and showed interest in your company and role.

Giving applicants something valuable to take away is part of creating a better candidate experience. This also helps build a stronger employer brand. Those candidates may not be right for now but handling things professionally will create a talent pool for future positions within your business.

Here are our top 5 tips on handling interview feedback for unsuccessful applicants:
  • Use the following structure – Thanks for your interest / Ares of strength from the interview / Areas for Improvement / Advice & Next steps
  • Provide specific examples of responses to interview questions which could have been stronger
  • Align your feedback to the requirements on the job description and offer constructive advice which the candidate can act on
  • Avoid comparisons to other candidates. Candidates will be most interested in what actions they can personally take away to improve. So focus on this rather than what they lack in comparison to the successful applicant
  • End the conversation on a positive note. Try to make their last impression of your business a positive one

Following the feedback ask the candidate if they’re happy for you to keep in touch for other matched opportunities that come up within the business before adding them in to your talent pool.

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