Using your time on furlough to evaluate your career options

As the UK government has extended the furlough scheme to the end of April 2021, now is the time to be looking at your career options.

<a href=''>Business vector created by vectorjuice -</a>With the furlough scheme winding down in September 2021, now could be the time to look at your career options.

Many people have been on furlough since the start of the pandemic, either consistently or intermittently. We know that this has been tough on many people, and we want to offer some advice for when the scheme comes to an end.

At the end of September, it may be time to head back into your role and carry on as before. Or, it may be that you’re thinking about making a change to your career. In either scenario, now is the time to be thinking about your long-term career aspirations and goals.

Where do you want to be in a year’s time?

Look at where you are in your career and have a think about what you would like to change over the next twelve months. What role do you want, what is your ideal salary and how do you plan to get there?

Update your CV

Maybe now is the time to start updating your CV. If you have an ideal role in mind, look at the job descriptions and see how you can tailor your CV to be better suited. Look at your core skills and how they can be adapted to fit other roles or businesses. Reflect on how you have adapted over the last 12 months since the country went into lockdown. What did you do if you were furloughed? Did you take up a new hobby, get a temporary job or did you become a whizz at home schooling?

Work to make your CV sell you. Check for errors, repetition, grammar and waffling! Make sure that you take a break between editing and look at it with a fresh pair of eyes the next day.

If you are wanting to switch to a different company or industry, spend some time researching. Websites like Glassdoor offer real insights into businesses from current and former employers. Sure, some places may offer what seems like a great salary or benefits – but it’s good to hear from people who have worked there, too.

Finally, this time is a great opportunity to learn some new skills. We’ve partnered up with New Skills Academy to offer a range of online courses at an 84% discount to you. There are over 750 courses to choose from, all with a verifiable qualification with options to suit any organisation such as:

  •   Level 2 Diploma in Human Resources
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  •   Microsoft Excel for Beginners Certificate
  •   Digital Marketing Diploma
  •   Managing People Certificate

Each of these courses is fully accredited and approved by CPD and/or IAO for your peace of mind.

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Whatever you decide to do, feel free to give us a call. We’re keen to hear from you and where you are in your career. If you’re unsure about looking for a new role or sector, let’s have a chat about it. We know what’s out there at the moment and who’s recruiting, so we can chat to you honestly.

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