Are you getting the best out of your employees?

According to the Office for National Statistics, UK full-time workers spend an average of 37.3 hours at work per week. That’s a lot of time to spend at work if you’re not feeling motivated or inspired. Research shows that unhappy employees are likely to be unproductive so the mental wellbeing and satisfaction of your staff is central for your organisation’s success.

Shared vision

Whilst this may sound like lip service and a business buzzword phrase of the highest order – there is some logic in it! People work better when they’re passionate about something – which, evidently, you can tell from our blogs that we’re passionate about recruitment!

If your employees are working towards shared goals, ideologies and outcomes and can see how they have a role to play in achieving them, they are likely to work harder and more efficiently.

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Make the most of talents

We all have skills and talents that could benefit our workplace. Work with your team to create a skills matrix and see what skills are in your organisation! For all you know, your competent graphic designer may also have a knack for photography. Your accountant may be super-skilled and able to share knowledge of Microsoft Excel. By creating a matrix of skills, you will encourage people to be bold and proud of their talents!

This method also promotes cross-team collaboration and learning. It gives people ownership of their particular talents and you can ask them to be the company ‘oracle’ on set subjects; people can ask them questions or receive some training during work. Ensure that you promote the idea as a collaboration and not just a way of people to pass any difficult Excel work to the aforementioned accountant!

You could even encourage employees to host sessions during a set time (maybe a Friday afternoon?) where they can talk through one of their skills that may help others.

By following this process, you could also identify potential skills gaps in your team and look into providing training if people need extra support or a skill might be relevant to their role. This shows your commitment to investing and developing your teams.

Reward and recognition

Many business owners may be afraid of reward and recognition by thinking it could cost them the Earth – it doesn’t have to! Reward and recognition can happen in a number of ways. Sure, employees will appreciate the odd gift voucher or bonus – but there are other ideas to go the extra mile to thank colleagues.

  • Cake! Whether homemade or shop-bought, a cake for staff is always a nice surprise.
  • Lunch vouchers for a nearby café – why not give them a gift voucher for a free lunch as a thank you? You’d be supporting a local business, spending a relatively small amount of money and rewarding your employee!
  • Team coffee break – grab a couple of board games and encourage staff to spend an hour away from the desk drinking coffee and having a bit of fun. It’s relatively easy to organise, will hardly cost a penny and gives people some time away from the computer screen.
  • Volunteering – you could reward staff with a day to volunteer at a local charity. Many hospices need help gardening, animal rescues need cleaning and dogs walking or your local foodbank may need help with organisation and admin. This not only rewards staff by giving them paid time to do some good, but also it shows that your business does care!

Environment matters

Studies show features of a workplace could have a significant impact on the performance and engagement of employees. Look to provide natural light and a healthy flow of air set. Try to ensure that the office is a comfortable temperature. Try to make the best use of shared spaces, such as lounges and kitchens, and decorate them in bright, neutral colours. Stock up on indoor plants – they reduce stress. Encourage staff to get out on break times to make the most of the fresh air, and make sure that fresh, clean water is available for drinking!

By taking a positive attitude to staff morale, setting high standards and expectations, providing support, and rewarding employees, you can create a culture of collaboration, hard work and responsibility.

We’re advocates of creating a great culture in the workplace to improve your employee retention.

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