Advertised your vacancy on a job board and not getting anywhere? 5 reasons why

It’s a ‘go to’ place and a somewhat old hat concept that you can stick your vacancy online (for free if you’re lucky) and find your perfectly matched candidate without a hitch.

But, how do you know you’re truly picking the right person when often hundreds apply?

Here are 5 reasons why job board advertisements may not be the way to go:

1 – Number of applicants

With every job post now attracting over 75 applicants there is a lot of data to digest! Perhaps there are 3 stellar looking CV’s in the first 10 applications. Phew! But what if applicant 74 is the one you’re looking for and they didn’t even get a look in?

2 – Can you interpret the CV’s well enough to select the best candidate?

CV’s come in many different shapes and sizes in terms of layout and length. Are you a skim reader that looks for what you need to see? It’s easy to miss the obvious or the specific piece of information that would entice you to invite the candidate for interview. You also have the concern of how the candidate has sold themselves on their CV. Some can over-sell themselves and some of the best ones under. On top of that culture fit is arguably as important as the skills and experience for the role. It’s tricky to get that from an application or CV. Are you missing the golden nugget by what information has been presented to you in black and white?

3 – Do you have the time?

We all have busy jobs and in recruitment we often hear ‘I need to recruit but because we’re busy/short on staff’ I don’t have the time! It’s the old catch 22 situation. But if you can make the time to sift through all your applications, what is the loss of productivity in your role or the business by doing that? And, is that how your time is best spent?

4 – What are you missing out on?

There are so many different ways to recruit for your role in today’s recruitment market that the old job ad may not be the way to go to attract your next recruit. There’s the active candidate market who will see your role when it first goes live, but as others advertise it will quickly disappear down the listings and it can be easily missed. What if the candidate you’re looking for isn’t registered with the job board you advertise on and misses the ad? There’s no work being done with the passive market, social media or anything being done to promote your brand and business.

5 – It isn’t selling the whole opportunity to the candidate

Candidates who are in full time work find it difficult to make time to search for jobs and like you they want the perfect match but can’t tell if your vacancy is the one from an advert alone. They don’t hear about your culture, future plans, development opportunities, your key clients and benefits package. There may be something in the advert that puts them off, that in actual fact isn’t essential or a big part of their day to day work.

You may be one of the lucky ones who appoints without recruitment cost and serious effect on your time and your day to day job. If not, and it’s taking up too much of your time and the candidates you’re meeting aren’t hitting the mark, call us in. Our average turnaround time from initial consultation to interviews being arranged is within 3 days. There is no cost unless you appoint one of our candidates and you get a whole of market approach from the specialists. Outsource the hassle and reap the rewards!

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