Never worked with a recruitment agency before? Here’s what to expect

When you have a vacancy in your team there’s lots of ways and services that you can use to fill it. Job boards, word of mouth, recommendations, newspaper ads and so on. Each client that we deal with and speak to has their preferred method. For some, using a recruiter is the first port of call, for others it’s alongside their own efforts, and for some it’s if those efforts don’t produce the expected results.

If you haven’t dealt with a recruitment agency before it may feel daunting to outsource the task. You may feel concerned about losing control of who you see as part of the recruitment process. It may be that although you’ve never worked with a recruiter, someone that you know had and it didn’t go to plan so it’s put you off for life!

With our handy guide we let you know what to expect when you work alongside a recruiter to remove all of your worries!

A good recruiter will always make the effort to come and meet you

Forming a genuine partnership will mean getting to know what each other does, your preferred contact method and more about your business culturally. Otherwise we are matching blind! You want to see people who fits the bill in terms of skill and experience but also those that are going to fit within your team.

You should have a job/person spec to discuss with your recruiter

You and your team need to be clear on what role is available and what you are looking for on a CV that’s going to make you feel reassured the candidate is right for the job. Candidates are put off when there is no role profile as they don’t know what they’re showing interest in. Also, it gives clarity to everyone involved.

You should make a time bound recruitment plan specific to your individual requirements

A good recruiter will have a good handle on the marketplace, salaries within that and how realistic your role is to fill. You should discuss this and how quickly the role can be turned around. It may be you have an immediate requirement, or you may want someone to start in a few months. When and how you recruit for that should be discussed. There are lots of different ways of attracting candidates to your role. Rarely nowadays does the right person just apply to the job advert and so you should have a good chat about the different ways of going about it.

You should be consulted throughout the process

Once you’ve met and the recruitment process has started, the recruiter should inform you of their progress. How is the job ad doing? How many people have they found that match the brief? How many are interested/have discounted the role and why? It’s all valuable information in finding the one.

Your recruiter should be contactable and available

You will no doubt have exchanged contact details at the meeting but you should be able to get hold of your recruiter, and outside of hours if that’s what best suits you. You shouldn’t have to wait hours for call backs or email responses. The candidate market moves so quickly, there is no time for that!

All candidates should be run by you first

Rather than just receiving a CV the recruiter should have telephone screened and interviewed any prospective candidate on your behalf so that you are only seeing the crème de la crème of the market. Our job is to take the stress and pressure of the recruitment process away and make it a simple hiring decision. When you receive the shortlisted CV’s they should be accompanied with an email overview of the candidate and a telephone call should be scheduled to discuss why the recruiter feels each is suitable. You should also receive additional information such as salary expectation, notice period, interview availability and suitability.

You should feel supported through the interview/offer handling process

Working in true partnership with your recruiter will mean support at every step of the process. Handling feedback from both yourself and the candidates and discussing all of that with you. When you make an offer, your recruiter will work with you on the most appropriate package for the candidate and what you need to do to get the right person through the door. That may include challenging your thoughts at times, but all with the best intentions as you have the same shared end goal.

It may not go right first time

Recruitment is a process and much as we would all love it to happen the first time round (and it normally does) what’s meant for you won’t pass you by. There are external factors outside of both yours and the recruiters’ control which can mean things don’t happen as you’d like, but with reflection, understanding and another round of recruitment it shouldn’t take long.

Recruitment shouldn’t stop when you have found the one!

A great recruiter will continue contact with the candidate during their notice period – this is a pivotal time in terms of managing counter offers, returning their employment contract and keeping them engaged. Also, they’ll check in with them on their first day, first week, first month and three months to make sure it’s what they expected and to check they are settling in well. They’ll do the same with you to ensure the placement is working out for both parties. On top of that, now you have a true partnership and understanding of each other’s business they will keep on top of the candidate market and give you first dibs/keep you informed of any candidates of interest even when you’re not recruiting.

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