Celebrating Glu Recruit’s Sales Manager

Celebrating Glu Recruit’s Sales Manager

After a successful first quarter, we’re taking the time to celebrate our wonderful Sales Manager, Karen Hughes.

Karen’s vibrant personality, unwavering positivity, and unparalleled support at Glu HQ have set her apart as a crucial part of the team.

Described as someone who adds a touch of sparkle and fabulousness wherever she goes, Karen’s presence uplifts the entire office, and we are incredibly grateful to have her on board. Her dedication to her role and her team has been nothing short of inspiring.

In a remarkable achievement, Karen has placed 23 candidates into roles while effectively leading our team of recruiters. This accomplishment is a testament to her hard work, determination, and exceptional leadership skills.

Here’s what our Operations Manager, Joe Hall, had to say, “In Q1, Karen has led from the front, smashing targets and placing temporary and permanent candidates left, right, and centre.

“As always, Karen has been incredibly positive, supportive, and absolutely fabulous. Thank you, Karen, from me, Rob, and the team. You should be very proud of yourself.”

Well done Karen – and thank you.

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