Didn’t get the job this time? Dust yourself off and try again!

Didn’t get the job this time? Dust yourself off and try again!

It’s an emotive decision leaving your current workplace and having to put on your brave face when you attend interviews, so when you get a ‘no’ decision we know how hard that can be.

When you put yourself in an interview process of course, like when you’re bidding on a house, you have to accept that you may not get the first one but we’re big believers in what’s meant for you won’t pass you by.

It can be difficult though when you’ve invested time in your CV, interview preparation and taken time off work to get that no answer. But fear not! We have some tips that can help when all feels like it is lost:

1 – It’s OK to be upset

You’re not the first and you won’t be the last. Everyone feels just as you do when they get an unsuccessful interview outcome. Allow yourself some time to get over it but don’t let a negative stand in your way. There will be the perfect job for you out there!

2 – Seek constructive feedback

Whether you attended the interview through a recruiter or directly with the client it’s useful to understand why you missed out this time. Was it a lack of preparation? Understanding of the business? Passion for the role? Or, was there simply someone better on the day? You can take something from each interview you attend which can help increase your chances next time

3 – Just keep swimming

It’s easy to think ‘I’m just going to stay where I am’ when an interview doesn’t go your way but remind yourself of your motivation to leave your current role. If staying isn’t going to fix that then you were absolutely right in moving onwards. Keep the applications going, ensure your CV is bang on and that it’s available for employers and agencies to access and register with good recruiters. The more seeds you sow you’ll reap more rewards. It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop!

4 – Learn from your previous interviews

If there was something you said, did, or didn’t do which meant that you didn’t get the last job you applied for then remember that in your planning for the next interview. For instance, if the feedback was that you didn’t know enough about the business then ensure you spend enough time researching next time, making notes and perhaps even taking those in with you to demonstrate what you have done. If you didn’t ask enough questions, plan those beforehand as sometimes nerves can get the better of us and we can draw a blank.

5 – Keep connected

If you’re really interested in working for a business that you’ve met but you’ve just missed out this time it’s a good idea to keep connected and in touch. You can do that by giving them a follow/like on social media. That way, you can keep abreast of all company updates and any future recruitment. It’s also advisable to connect with the interviewer(s) following the interview and once they accept your connection request you can send them a personalised thank you message, and express your interest in future roles with the business.

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