Top 10 interview questions

When it comes to job interviews it’s important for you to prepare to make the most of your meeting with the candidate.

After you’ve gone through the advertising and shortlisting process and you’ve got your candidates lined up and ready to interview, all you need to do is figure out which one to hire. Easy, right?

The interview process will determine your choice and whether the candidates choose your opportunity versus others they will be meeting with. So, what do you ask to extract the right information to make an informed choice?

Check out our top 10 interview questions:

1 – Tell me about yourself.

2 – Talk me through your role at XXXXX

3 – Why did you leave/are you leaving XXXXX

4 – Tell me about your career highlights/achievements

5 – What do you know about us and what interests you about this role/company?

6 – What type of team would you fit well with, and what would be the wrong match?

7 – If we were to ask your colleagues to describe you in three words what do you think they would choose?

8 – What are your longer-term career aspirations?

9 – If you were offered this role would you accept it? Do you have any reservations?

10 – Do you have any questions about the role, or the company?

There are lots of interview questions you can use and we would recommend you tailor yours to the specifics and requirements of the role. Also, we have other interview tips that can help make a successful interview. If you’d like a hand with this then call one of our talented recruitment team on 01143211873 or email



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