Do you have 2021’s Office Hero?

The Glu Recruit Office Heroes Awards are back again, and we’re on the lookout for that person within your organisation that goes above and beyond day after day and you just couldn’t do without!

Do you have 2021’s Office Hero?

It’s been a strange year for businesses across the Sheffield City Region, starting the year off with a national lockdown followed by an ever extending furlough scheme. But as we start to see the shoots of recovery coming through and a more settled working environment for many, who has been the standout player on your team that deserves some attention?

What is an office hero?

It’s someone that supports you, your team, and your business, keeps everything running smoothly, and adds that extra value to make a real difference in your organisation.

In 2021, this could be the person that has helped your teams tackle remote working, the person behind the return to the office, or quite simply the person who has been at the other end of the phone offering emotional support to business leaders across the region.

We want to hear about who has gone the extra mile for your business this year – whether they are hard workers, morale boosters, team players, or generally just great to have around! It’s not about job titles or turnover figures, it’s about the human side to the workplace.

What’s in store at this year’s awards?

As we enter the fourth year of the awards, we have teamed up with unLTD business once again to celebrate the regions unsung heroes and are pleased to announce we will be back to running a physical awards ceremony once again, taking place at the Leopold Hotel in Sheffield on Friday 3rd December 2021.

Ten lucky finalists and their nominators will be invited to attend the ceremony following shortlisting by our panel of judges, including the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, our 2020 winner, and other key figures from the local business community. As ever, some fantastic prizes are also up for grabs!

What’s it like to be awarded the top prize?

Charlotte Swinhoe, 2020 Office Hero

Described by the judges as ‘leading change in a challenged sector, going above, beyond and outside her expected role, and taking her job to the next level through the development of a systematic approach in order to provide measurable results’ Charlotte Swinhoe of Weston Park Cancer Charity won the coveted title of Office Hero in 2020.

Charlotte commented: “I was absolutely thrilled to have won the Glu Recruit Office Heroes Award for 2020. I was shocked when it was announced, as I wasn’t expecting to win at all. Hearing what all the incredible finalists achieved during year was amazing; how everyone overcame the challenges of 2020 and how they were all there to support their teams. I was so proud to have been a finalist amongst such a wonderful group of people.”

Nominate your Office Hero!

If you think it’s about time that someone in your office deserves a little recognition for the work they do, fill in our online form here before 4pm on Friday 12th November 2021.

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