Do you have plans to recruit but are usure where to pitch the salary?

Do you have plans to recruit but are usure where to pitch the salary?

As many businesses across the Sheffield City Region open their offices again following the end of lockdown restrictions, and with the furlough scheme starting to wind down, this is a great time to start planning for recovery & growth.

With this, local businesses can start recruiting with more confidence as the candidate market becomes more open to the increased options available to them.

If you haven’t been actively recruiting over the past 18 months, are you up to speed on where to pitch the salary on your latest vacancies, or have you benchmarked salaries you currently pay?

South Yorkshire based specialist recruitment consultants, Glu Recruit, have developed a handy new ‘value my vacancy’ tool to help you with current market rates for your vacancies.

Managing Director, Rob Shaw, explains the workings behind the tool

“In order for local businesses to stay competitive with their vacancies and attract the right people for their roles, it’s important to know where to pitch the salary.

“Candidates like to know the salary banding before they apply for a job, not necessarily because all of them are they are money motivated, but because they don’t want to spend time applying for a role only to find it falls well below their salary expectations.

“Of course, salary is only one consideration for a candidate when they look to change roles, however before you start inviting people in for interview you need to know what your overall budget is going to be, and our vacancy valuer is an ideal starting point.

“We have compiled a range of job roles and salaries based on research with businesses in the Sheffield City Region to give you an accurate, post-lockdown, valuation for over 150 jobs across our specialist areas of recruitment. Whether you are looking to fill temporary warehousing or admin roles, or need permanent high-end creative or finance staff, our tool has them all covered.

“The salary bandings our valuation tool discloses are reflective of roles based in the Sheffield City Region in 2021, and once you have filled the form in by selecting the industry and the type of role you are recruiting for, you will be provided with a salary banding depending on experience and the average salary for the role selected.

“We hope this can provide some valuable information for businesses across the region as confidence in hiring increases.”

The new Glu Recruit ‘Value My Vacancy’ tool can be accessed here

If you require further information or further clarity around the candidate marketplace for your vacancy, please contact us on 0114 321 1873 or 

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