Fallen out of love with your job?

Fallen out of love with your job?

It’s funny how a passion that was once a source of love, can become a source of resentment. Working hard to progress on the career ladder and then achieving your goals should be something to celebrate, but sometimes things just don’t work out the way you expected.

In today’s candidate led market you are in control of your career, and have the power to make a positive change to help shape your future!

Our latest article looks at a number of reasons why you may have fallen out of love with your career.

Remember, the more you put into your career relationship, the more you get out of it!

10 signs that you have fallen out of love with your career

1. The career you were once enthusiastic about has become more of a draining chore

2. You’re in a successful career, but have hit a glass ceiling to progress in your company

3. You’re recent pay rise hasn’t changed the feeling of dread you have about going in to work every morning

4. When someone asks you what you do for a living, you would rather talk about something else

5. You’re not fully engaged in your work, and are running on autopilot

6. You feel creatively stifled and have no innovative input on company projects

7. You have no interest in being social with colleagues, and are not a team player

8. You switch companies or positions in your industry hoping that your feelings about your career will change, but they don’t

9. You’re bored at work, and feel like you are not progressing

10. You feel your career lacks meaning, and you feel like you are at work just to fill time

Where do you fit on the career love scale?

1-3 – It’s not you, it’s me!
4-6 – It’s losing it’s spark!
7-8 – Let’s try to make this work!
9-10 – You need to speak to Glu!

Fall back in love with your career and speak to Glu!

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