Fallen out of love with recruitment?

Fallen out of love with recruitment?

There is a lot of pressure on hiring managers and HR teams to source the very best candidates using the most cost-effective means to provide the greatest return on investment.

It’s no secret that this is the main reason that many organisations choose to outsource their talent search to a recruitment agency with the expertise and resources to find the right candidate for the role quickly and effectively.

The key to maximising the recruitment resource is working in partnership with the recruitment agency to formulate an aligned strategy that helps to develop a value-added relationship.

The more you put into the relationship, the more you get out!

Here at Glu we like to do things differently! Yes, we are a recruitment agency but it’s more than that it’s a personal, partner led approach. Your very own personal recruiter! We don’t take every vacancy, every candidate and every client on our books, so the ones that we do get a thorough, efficient and communicative service right through to the completion of the process.

Our clients say we’re different – they talk about our loveliness, our passion, our quirkiness and most of all our expertise. They feel looked after and loved and they enjoy dealing with us.

Everyone’s a recruiter until they realise that it’s not as easy as you think!

Working with an experienced recruiter will keep the process efficient, effective and you will be able to draw on their knowledge and experience. Read more about the benefits of working with a recruitment partner https://goo.gl/iNLj1v

We’ve changed to a market where desirable candidates are limited in number, and as recruiters we work with these candidates to find them their dream role.

The best candidates will be promoted out to the market, and your competitors too and those with the correct recruitment process who ‘sell’ their business and opportunity in the right time frame will be the ones that secure them. Read more about what’s important for you to know when recruiting in a candidate led market https://goo.gl/WpKuFa 

For advice and support on your next recruitment campaign, call our specialist team of recruiters on 0114 3211873.

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