A guide to surviving January

A guide to surviving January

Post-Christmas and New Year blues? For many, the return to work and normal routine can bring on a bit of a downer and although we have best intentions with New Year’s resolutions, it’s easy to fall at the first hurdle. So instead of saying quit the booze, cut out the carbs, exercise more or even better lets ‘smash up’ the new year, this is the anti-blog with our survival tips for January.

1 – January is just one month

There’s also a 1st of February, March, April etc. – if motivation is low in January, then make it easy on yourself. Take the pressure of and make a plan, resolution or change when the time feels right. So what if your mates are doing dry January and have joined them gym? Maybe you don’t want to right now and that’s ok!

2 – Focus on what makes you happy

Walking the dog, finishing those Christmas choccies, spending time with the family – if it makes you happy it changes the feel of January from a month of doom to one of joy

3 – Book something to look forward to

Yes, we need to join the gym to get the gym body, but that doesn’t stop us from booking the summer holiday now does it? If it’s not a holiday for you think of something that you can get in the diary that makes you smile and gives you something happy to work towards

4 – Change your aim

Rather than ‘getting through the day/week’ try and refocus your mind on enjoying the project you’re working on, or moving your desk and work and having a new outlook. It’s easy to think about what’s bad, but I challenge you to find what’s good. When things go wrong, or not your way think about where you are on the scale of 1-10. 10 being you’re dead. Perspective is a wonderful thing

5 – Avoid making any decisions at all

Shop closed! If you’re not in the right space then making a decision, or a rash one could be a mistake you won’t forgive yourself for. Ride out any feelings you have and talk to your mates/loved one. Have a good therapeutic whinge session over a bucket of popcorn. A cleanse for the soul

Good luck to you! We are in this together and we can do this!! If, however for you the mission is on to secure the next step in your career then we’d love to hear about that! After all, Dry January means more cuppas!

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