Job satisfaction beats salary for majority of Brits

Job satisfaction beats salary for majority of Brits

Proof that finding the right fit is vital! A recent study by CV library has indicated a shift in priorities for UK employees. It has been revealed that more professionals measure career success by job satisfaction than on having a high salary.

When asked about the five aspects of a role that indicated career success, 83.6% of UK workers list enjoying their job while a comparatively small 42.4% list having a high salary.

On measuring success, the top five responses were:
  • Enjoying what you do (83.6%)
  • Being proud of what you have achieved so far (73.8%)
  • Doing a job that makes a difference to other people’s lives (57.1%)
  • Working for a business that you love (54.2%)
  • Earning a high salary (42.4%)

Respondents were also asked by what age they believe success should be achieved. A quarter said that success should be achieved by the age of 40, while 46.2% of under 18s and 37% of 18-24 year olds said career success should be achieved by the age of 25.

Rob Shaw, Managing Director at Glu Recruit said: “It’s really positive to see UK workers put job satisfaction above salary as the top measure of success. It proves that employees really do value a company for its work environment, not just its monetary benefits.

“As an employer, it is vital to promote a culture where individuals can be proud of what they have achieved, and offer work benefits and perks that go beyond a salary.

“It’s also promising to see such an ambitious younger generation, who are keen to achieve success by a younger age. Employers should take note and offer career development plans for all employees, regardless of age.”




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