Are the Millennial generation ‘Job Hoppers’ or simply not getting what they want from your business?

Are the Millennial generation ‘Job Hoppers’ or simply not getting what they want from your business?

It’s no secret that the recruitment market, especially in certain industries, is very much candidate led. Demand for skills and experience is high and the market is increasingly competitive.

Millennials make up a huge percentage of the UK workforce—about 1 in 3 workers today falls into this age group. A recent study by Deloitte has shown that Millennials represent an increasing share of the workforce, and a growing number now occupy senior positions. “They are no longer leaders of tomorrow, but increasingly, leaders of today—as such, their views on how business does and should conduct itself are of more than academic interest.”

With that in mind it’s useful to consider your recruiting attraction strategies for this category of worker.

Research has shown that millennials move due to lack of opportunity with their current employer. Millennials need to be challenged, to be engaged, and to feel they play an important role in developing the company they are with. Not surprisingly, financial reward is important to millennials, but an opportunity to learn and develop is also a key motivator in their decision to move.

Leadership is a key motivator; millennials want to work in a business with great leaders who they can learn from, but they also want to ensure their value as future leaders is recognised with the opportunity to develop these skills and receive relevant training and have a clear career progression path.

Millennials have seen first-hand the impact of the last recession and are alert to changing economic conditions in the marketplace and its potential impact on the businesses they work in.

So how do we attract and retain these vital resources in our businesses?

It’s essential for organisations to differentiate themselves via their culture and work environments and benefits on offer. Getting the offer right is much more than financial reward. Investing in development programmes, stimulating growth within the team and truly understanding the different motivations across your workforce is vital. This will lead to a proactive approach to future business and company hiring plans, which can truly make organisations flourish.

Their CV’s may show more movement that you may like to see or have seen in the past but the recruitment market is changing. Especially for this generation, movement is key to career progression if they can’t get that from their current employer. So next time you review a millennials CV and discount them from the interview shortlist because of their movement, think again. You could be missing a trick!

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